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2012 Regional Conventions

West Coast Region: July 19–21, 2012

The Gold Dust West Hotel and Casino, Carson City, Nevada

Contact: PRPWC Virgil P. Courneya, (775) 882-9201,

Tonya Reyes, (775) 882-4947

Candidates: RVPWC Shane Dunstan (Branch 185) for RPWC

Peter McNamara (Branch 274) for RVPWC

Northeast Region: July 21, 2012

Radisson Penn Harris Convention Center, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

Contact: RPNE Dave Munday, III, (732) 350-6403,

Candidates: RPNE Dave Munday, III (Branch 124) for RPNE
Floyd G. Hunt (Branch 214) for RVPNE

East Coast Region: July 27–29, 2012

City Hotel & Bistro, Greenville, North Carolina

Contact: Jerry R. Leatherwood, (252) 524-4021,

Candidates: RVPEC Donald A. Hoover (Branch 024) for RPEC
PNC James Campbell (Branch 040) for RVPEC

Southwest Region: August 10–11, 2012

Quechan Casino & Resort, Winterhaven, California

Contact: Mick Fulton, (619) 410-1660,

Candidates: RVPSW Charles Baker (Branch 090) for RPSW
Mick Fulton (Branch 289) for RVPSW

South Central Region: August 15–18, 2012

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Fort Worth, Texas

Contact: JrPRPSC Russ Miller, (512) 636-9692,

Candidates: RVPSC Robert A. Holcomb (Branch 201) for RPSC
JrPRPSC Russell Miller (Branch 201) for RVPSC

Southeast Region: August 22–26, 2012

The Radisson Hotel, Charleston, South Carolina

Contact: Chuck Hines, (843) 824-2589,

Pat Suckow, (843) 764-0145,

Candidates: RVPSE James E. “Robbie” Robbins, Jr. (Branch 91) for RPSE

Fred Hill (Branch 290) for RVPSE

North Central Region: August 23–26, 2012

Hilton Grand Rapids Hotel, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Contact: PRPNC Marty Posekany, (616) 225-9264,

Candidates: RVPNC John Partin (Branch 267) for RPNC
Rick Wangen (Branch 273) for RVPNC

New England REgion: September 8, 2012

Branch 20 Home, Groton, Connecticut

Contact: PNP George P. Hyland, (860) 445-7361,

Candidate: RVPNENG Paul F. Loveless, Jr. (Branch 156) for RPNENG

Northwest Region: September 14–15, 2012

Best Western Cascadia Inn, Everett, Washington

Contact: Mike Mowatt, (425) 870-8749,

DyAnne Tryon, (206) 364-6926,

Candidate: RVPNW Peg Burke (Branch 038) for RPNW


American Amphibious Force Association (AAFA)

October 3-6, 2012, Pensacola, Florida. Contact Ray Machar, 330-242-3537,

USS Cone (DD-866)

October 3-6, 2012, Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Contact Bruce Worth, 231 N. 7th Ave. E. Hartley, Iowa 51346, 712-728-2307,

USS Coral Sea CVA-43 Association

October 4-7, 2012, San Antonio, Texas. Contact John Ranson, 52 Woodland Pl. Ft. Thomas KY 40175-1605, 859-781-2536,

USS Enterprise CVAN/CVN 65

October 17-20, 2012, Galveston, Texas. Contact Charles Teller, 209 N. Bayou Dr. Hitchcock, TX 77563, 409-986-7359,

USS Goldsborough (DDG-20)

August 5-10, 2012, Bremerton, Washington. Contact Larry L. Nelson, 3731 W. G St. Apt. A, Bremerton, WA 98312-4636, 360-649-4374,

USS Leary (DD/DDR-879) 1945 through 1975

Sept. 19-23, 2012, Warwick, Rhode Island. Contact Richard Englander, 2745 Harvest Drive, Sarasota, FL 34240, 941-341-0770


September 8-9, 2012, Mansfield, Ohio. Contact Stephen Zetts, 1499 Leyton Dr., Youngstown OH 44509, 330-792-5765,

USS Shelton (DD-790)

September 13-15, 2012, Nashville, Tennessee. Contact Dick Petrowich, 308 S. Jackson, New Athens, IL 62264, 618-475-3248,
Going to a reunion?

Reunions are a great place to promote FRA membership! Contact Outreach Manager Bob Washington at 1-800-FRA-1924 ext. 113 or to request a guest speaker or materials to distribute at the reunion. FRA can also provide you with talking points to speak on at the reunion about legislative issues that affect you and your shipmates.

Help your shipmates be informed and involved with what is happening on Capitol Hill by inviting them to visit the Action Center on and contact their elected officials. You can also offer a free subscription to NewsBytes, FRA’s weekly legislative email update. Anyone interested need only send their contact information to with “subscribe” in the subject line.
Members can post reunions online at, submit to or mail to: FRA Reunions, 125 N. West St., Alexandria, VA 22314.

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Looking for…

Crew on USNS Upshur or USNS General Rose

Any military personnel who served aboard USNS Upshur (1956–1966) or the USNS General Rose (TAP-126) (1966–1967), please contact Robert “Knobby” Kalbfell at 311 High Street, Westville, NJ 08093,, 856-742-9171.

Albert James Myers and
Duane Arthur Peterson

Both were boat crew members on A 131-1 during Vietnam conflict (1968 -1969). I’m trying to organize a reunion. Contact J. Gardenhire, 11207 Frisco Drive, Farmington, AR 72730 or

AE1 David Dembrowski, USN

Or anyone who knows his whereabouts. He was stationed at NAMTD, NAS Whiting Field, Milton, Fla., in 1979. Please contact Ronald J. McClelland at

Capt. Eugene “Red” McDaniel

We served together with VA-35 on board USS Enterprise on the deployment during which he was shot down and taken prisoner. Please contact Malcolm Wright at or 541-997-8803.

TD3 Wayne Oswald

Stationed at NAAS Barin Field, Foley, Alabama, 1955–1958. Please contact TDC Deloyd Jackson at or L.R. Burns at Any information about Wayne Oswald is welcome.

NMCB 62 & Edzell, Scotland SEABEES

See the website for reunion information or contact Norm Hahn, or 715-834-4780.

G. D. Sampson

of VQ1&VAP. Contact John Frawley at

WT1 William Harmon Minter

Last known duty station was as a member of the commissioning crew for the USS George Washington (CVAN-73), G-5 Division. Please contact Bernie Galante at or 757-340-8521.
Finding Friends and Shipmates

In addition to the monthly “Looking For …” column in FRA Today, shipmates can use FRA’s online networks to find friends from the past.

FRA’s Online “Looking For” Community:

By clicking the “FRA Readers” link and then the “Looking For” link, shipmates can post a notice with information about the person they’re seeking. Be as specific as possible about names, nicknames, ships or duty stations, and when you were affiliated with them. Shipmates must log in to the site in order to participate in the communities. Log-in directions are available on the sign-in page.

FRA on Facebook:

By posting an “I’m trying to locate” message on FRA’s Facebook page, you can reach the growing number of folks who “like” us online. It’s also easy to post photos of the person you’re trying to find, as well as other identifying information about them.

These notices are published on a space available basis. Notices must be submitted in writing. E-mail or mail your request to: FRA, 125 N. West St., Alexandria, VA, 22314.
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Essay Contest

What Freedom of Speech Means to Me

Teresa R. Morin

Sponsored by Branch 258

It was late night when the first rumbling began. It grew louder as they neared the center of town. A frightened young girl and her sister turned on the light to look out the window of their apartment. Immediately their mother raced in, shut off the light, and told them to get away from the window. The girls were not to speak about what they saw.

This is my mother’s memory of watching Soviet tanks drive through Poland on their way to crush the Prague Spring uprising in Czechoslovakia in 1968. The Czechoslovakians dared challenge the authority of the Soviet Union by calling for freedom of the press and freedom of speech. When I heard this story, I thought of our right to free speech; a right we take for granted. Yet, even today, for many it remains only a dream.

Freedom of speech is a blessing I cherish everyday. I have grown up in a nation where I can express myself freely, without fear of reprisal from someone who decides what can and cannot be said. I know the sacrifices that generations of soldiers have made, and continue to make today, to protect my right to free speech. I have a responsibility to use and guard this freedom. I owe this to my grandmother, to my mother, and most of all, to my country.

We must never fail to challenge any attempt to stop the free flow of ideas; we must never fail to fight against those who would take away our ability to say what we believe to be true and honest. Our Founding Fathers held the right to freedom of speech so dear that they made it the first constitutional amendment, above all others.

To me, freedom of speech means I don’t have to censor my words or keep secrets from my children as my grandmother did. With freedom of speech, we live our lives with dignity and honor than none can take away. With freedom of speech, I do not have to turn off the light and remain silent.


Overall Winner

Teresa R. Morin, Branch 258, Northeast Region

Grade 7 Winners

1st Place: Justin Thomas, Branch 57, Northeast Region

2nd Place: Colleen Malley, Branch 99, East Coast Region

3rd Place: Brent Metzler, Branch 244, West Coast Region

Grade 8 Winners

1st Place: Elizabeth Claire Palmer, Branch 214, Northeast Region

2nd Place: Shireen Younus, Branch 24, East Coast Region

3rd Place: Kyle Obermire, Branch 55, Northwest Region

Grade 9 Winners

1st Place: Lisa Vo, Branch 289, Southwest Region

2nd Place: Haleigh Deane, Branch 44, Southeast Region

3rd Place: Rachel Baker, Branch 227, South Central

Grade 10 Winners

1st Place: Chloe Patrick, Branch 57, Northeast Region

2nd Place: Kalia Atwell, Branch 210, Southeast Region

3rd Place: Brianna Riley, Branch 162, South Central Region

Grade 11 Winners

1st Place: Teresa R. Morin, Branch 258, Northeast Region

2nd Place: Elizabeth Scannell, Branch 269, Southeast Region

3rd Place: William Bridger Christian, Branch 63, Northwest Region

Grade 12 Winners

1st Place: Rachael Victoria Bair, Branch 216, North Central Region

2nd Place: Bryan Thomson, Branch 21, West Coast Region

3rd Place: Alexander Mollohan, Branch 132, New England Region


  • All entrants shall be students in grades seven through twelve (or equivalent).

  • Entrants must be sponsored by a branch of the Fleet Reserve Association or a unit of the Auxiliary of the Fleet Reserve Association

  • The essay shall be on the theme designated and shall not exceed 350 words.

  • The essay shall be legibly written or typed on one side of the paper.

  • A student may submit only one entry each year.

  • Each entry must be accompanied by a separate sheet stating: the entrant’s name; address; zip code; telephone number; school grade (or equivalent); name of school or the words “home schooled;” student’s Social Security Number (optional); number of words in essay; and the sponsoring branch/unit or sponsor’s name.

  • Entries submitted to branches shall be submitted to the Branch Americanism-Patriotism Committee and postmarked not later than December 1st for judging at the branch level.

  • Entries sponsored by membership-at-large members shall be submitted to the national chairman and forwarded to an appropriate branch for judging in their respective grade group. All entries shall be postmarked not later than December 1.

  • All entries become the property of the Fleet Reserve Association.

News from the brancheS
BRANCH 254 Myrtle Beach, South carolina

Shipmates pose following the May 16th installation ceremony. Shown (l to r, front row) PNP Don Mucheck (installing officer), Branch President Tom Feddon, RPSE Fred Bolz, (back row) Bert Johnson, George Dusenbury, Bill Pinkston, Earl Blount, PNP George Kaye and Bill Cole.

BRANCH and Unit 259 Fayetteville, North carolina

Branch and Unit officers posed following a joint installation ceremony. Shown are Branch President Leonard Galloway, Vice President Chester Cukrowicz, Secretary/Treasurer Jimmy Wright and Board Members Jim Hobson, Bob Van Duzer, Joe Boyd and Bobby Bunce; and Unit President Linda Campbell, Vice President Betsey Dittmar, Secretary Jayne Knous, Treasurer Shirley Palmer, and Board Members Sandra Van Duzer, Delia Cox, Ann Wright, Amy Cukrowicz and Mary Lou Green.

BRANCH 22 Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Branch President Bob Hall (l) and U. S. Army Veteran Wally Helmstadter stand by the marker at the dedication of the USS Okaloosa (APA-219) Ship’s Bell at the Northwest Regional Airport. Cpl Helmstadter and another crew member were on hand for the ceremonies.

BRANCH 89 Atlanta, Georgia

Branch President Bill Chambers (l) presented checks to Joe Agey (c) and Ethan Tucker (not shown), as Shipmate Tom Ogletree looks on. The checks will help cover costs associated with the scouts’ trip to the National Order of the Arrow Conference at the University of Michigan. Ogletree is the branch’s Youth Activities Chairman and is very active with the local scout troop.

BRANCH 175 Orange County, California

Area students gathered at a ceremony to honor branch Essay Contest winners and posed with Shipmate Winnie Hammerlinck, who is the branch Americanism/Patriotism Chairman.

BRANCH 162 Gretna, Louisiana

Branch Secretary Dave Field, Club Vice President Vince Bobzin, Club Manager Terry Holland, Club President Emile Geraci and Branch Chaplain Jerry Forstater were on hand to present an $18,000 check to the Wounded Warrior Project.

BRANCH 126 Jacksonville, Florida

Shipmate Donald Rodely (l) received a certificate of appreciation, lapel pin and platinum membership card from Branch President James Thomas for achieving 50 years of continuous membership in the FRA. Rodely has held membership in six FRA Branches during his five decades as a shipmate.

BRANCH 221 Peoria Illinois

Branch Secretary/Treasurer Jerry Peterson (l) and Branch President Harry Zillion (r) present a plaque and check to Smantha Vique, the 3rd place winner in the 10th Grade Americanism Essay Contest in the North Central Region. She entered the contest through Branch 242 (Davenport, Iowa) and accepted her award at the Veterans Park in Mackinaw, Ill.

BRANCH 267 St. Louis, Missouri

Branch and Unit members traveled to St. Agnes School in Bloomsdale, Mo., to present FRA essay contest certificates, plaques, and cash awards to winning students. Shown (l to r) are students Madeline Higginbotham, Abby Klahs, and Samantha Bauman, (back row) Auxiliary member Shirley Ferrington, Shipmates Jerry Piva, Dale Ferrington, John Hollowood, John Partin and Bob Fallert.

BRANCH 258 Erie, Pennsylvania

Branch Essay Chairman John Harriger (left) and Branch President Ray Barber flank Teresa Morin, the grand prize winner in FRA’s Americanism Essay Contest. Ms. Morin received $2,500 for her first place entry in the 11th grade category and $10,000 for being the overall winner.

To submit a photo for News from the Branches, please e-mail a photo as an attachment in jpeg format to or mail a high-quality photograph to FRA Today, 125 N. West St., Alexandria, VA 22314. Please include a brief description of the photograph and include the names of those pictured. Laser prints and scanned copies of photographs cannot be accepted.
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Auxiliary of the FRA NEWS
A Message from Northwest Regional President DyAnne Tryon

As we enjoy the lazy days of summer, relaxing with the cold beverage of our choice, we hope thoughts are filled with the anticipation of renewing old friendships and making new ones at the National Convention in Reno, Nevada, this October. While visiting Unit 18 (Seattle, Washington), Unit 29 (Bremerton, Wash.) and Unit 382 (Boise, Idaho), it was my privilege to install the officers of these units and at the same time to meet some new members and make new friends. Regional Vice President Sharon Holloway installed Unit 59 officers in Cheyenne, Wyo.

As summer progresses I will be visiting the rest of the Northwest units, except for the ones in the Philippines. In traveling around the area and meeting the Auxiliary members, I am always struck by the enthusiasm and good works of the current members. We need to find a way to spread this to non-members so they will want to join us.

Welcome to all the new members. We hope you will become involved in the activities of your unit. We do find that there is a core group that finds themselves responsible for most of the activities in which the unit engages. We need to make sure we are including the new members by asking them to take on a role in the activity. Some of them are shy and some don’t want to step on the current members’ toes, but if asked directly, will be glad to participate. Don’t forget our Rituals. It is important that the new members realize how important they are to our organization. Our Rituals are a good way to express that to them. It is easy to not want to “impose” the C & BL on new members; however, those are the principles that our organization is built upon.

I wish everyone with a birthday and/or an anniversary, congratulations and best wishes. I wish all those who are having troubled times good things to come. And to all, please remember: “Get new members, but keep the old; one is silver, the other is gold.”
Fran Hoadley is the editor of LA FRA News and the FRA Today Liaison

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