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In Memoriam: PNP Archie Punteney
STCM(SS) John A. Punteney, U.S. Navy, Retired

August 22, 1931 – June 22, 2012

FRA National President 1988 – 1989
FRA Past National President (PNP) John Archie Punteney joined the staff of the Supreme Commander on June 22, 2012.

PNP Punteney was born the son of a Sailor in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1947 and attended Navy Sound School following his recruit training. During his nearly 26 years in the service, he attained the rate of Master Chief Sonar Technician and was also a qualified submariner. Punteney transferred to the Fleet Reserve in 1972 and was placed on the retired list in 1977.

Shipmate Archie first joined the FRA in 1953, but active duty service took him away from the FRA for a time. He reinstated his membership in 1968 and remained a continuous member of FRA Branch 50 (Charleston, S.C.) until the time of his death. As an FRA shipmate, Punteney held leadership positions at the branch, regional and national levels. He served on Branch 50’s board of directors for 15 consecutive years, as branch president for four consecutive terms and chaired every branch committee at one point or another. He also served on all regional committees and chaired many of them, and also served on several national and convention committees over the years. His FRA leadership roles included Southeast Regional Vice President and President, National Vice President and National President.

National President Punteney believed in a strong, comprehensive national defense posture that would serve as a deterrent to conflict with other nations. He advocated a top-notch Sea Service manned by motivated and qualified personnel, and he worked to ensure military personnel and their families maintained a standard of living equal to that which they defended for other Americans. During his tenure as national president, the FRA defeated proposals to impose user fees and copayments in military medical facilities, successfully fought to gain citizenship for Filipino service members and the repeal of the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act that would have increased taxes for senior citizens. In addition to FRA’s legislative success, the Association also fulfilled its $1 million pledge to the Navy Memorial Foundation and its commission of “The Homecoming” statue during Punteney’s term of office.

PNP Archie will be remembered for his teasing nature and warm heart that were sometimes masked by a gruff exterior. FRA offers its sincere sympathies to Shipmate Past National President Punteney’s family.

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Ahner, William M., SM3, USN 269

Ake, William G, AOC, USN 289

Barker, Jon M, QMC, USN MAL

Barnett, Guy Jr, GYSGT, USMC MAL

Bolam, Keith R, MMC, USN 094

Boyes, Thomas H, HTCM, USN MAL

Brady, Francis P, BT1, USNR 026

Burnette, Alfred S, CSC, USN 112

Cabaniss, George M, RMCS, USN 022

Campbell, Charles P, AD1, USN 289

Canada, Ernest R, MSGT, USMC 091

Carroll, Clyde, FTC, USN 105

Chambliss, James K, AO1, USN 147

Chapman, Louis W, SHCM, USN 037

Chaput, Richard, CPO, USN 289

Childs, Victor Morris, MSGT, USMC 245

Clark, Leonard E, AD1, USN 022

Combest, Bill, AFCM, USN 274

Conner, Dallas W, AEC, USN 188

Copes, Donald M, NCCS, USN 194

Cox, Charles A, QMCM, USN 014
Daley, Thomas J, ADCS, USN 010

Davidson, Herbert A, AEC, USN 094

Davis, Morris, BTC, USN 327

Drag, Terrence, SM1, USN MAL

Duewiger, Ronald D, MM1, USN 043

Dunn, John L, ADCS, USN 264

Dunow, Frederick C, SGTMAJ, USMC 038
Edwards, Noel H, CSC, USN 018

Ervin, R J, CSC, USN 146

Faulkner, Gilbert, ADCS, USN MAL

Fernandez, Harvey M, LT, USN 166

Flick, Terrence J, CS3, USN 092

Forbes, Dale G, POC, USN MAL

Ford, Kenneth M, ENCS, USN 022

Fulghem, Richard E, MM1, USN 161

Gapter, Norman F, AZC, USN 099

Gemery, John, ADJC, USN 091

Gilfillan, William E, SSGT, USMC 057

Gonzales, Ephriam, CSCS, USN 047

Goodman, Harold G, AMEC, USN 097

Guazon, Leo, SKC, USN 127

Hall, Fred, USN MAL

Hankins, Charles R, AKC, USN MAL

Harris, Kenneth J, AFCM, USN 060

Harris, C. Eldon, ADC, USN 382

Hartpence, John C, AOC, USN 289

Hass, Francis M, PO2, USN MAL

Henry, Lucien E, ADJC, USN 147

Hoffman, Terry M, MSGT, USMC 208

Hollar, Ben C, SCPO, USN 181

Holley, Doyle D, CSC, USN 022

Hunter, Thomas L, MMC, USN 099
Ignatz, Steve W, CPO, USN MAL
James, William G, HMCM, USN 281

Jones, Howard L, OSC, USN MAL

Jones, Gordon W, EMC, USN MAL

Jones, Burton, RMC, USN 166

Jones, Thomas F, CTMCM, USN MAL
Kaufman, Gerald R, TMCS(SS), USN 099

Keller, Robert E, MMCS, USN 115

Kenny, Daniel P, AE1, USN 091

Kenny, Howard E, AMCS, USN 137

Kerley, James R, QMC, USN 267

Kerr, John C, ENCM, USN 382

Kirkman, J W, CPO, USN MAL

Kirschinger, Johann E, SGTMAJ,


Kline, Bob, AD1, USN 217

Kruse, William E, PNC, USN 061

Krynski, Frank E, BMG1, USN 040

Lane, Charles W, TD2, USN MAL

Lanning, Bruce E, LT, USN MAL

Leftwich, Robert W, USN MAL

Lestinsky, George J, DTC, USN MAL

Leyland, Elwyn L, SKCS, USN 269

Littlehale, Clinton C, MM1, USN 126

Mabayan, Hermogenes, MS1, USN 289

Mack, Robert, GMG1, USN MAL

Magnusen, Harold M, SK1, USN 175

Manuel, Samson S, MMC, USN 010

Manzie, Frederick, MNC, USN MAL

Marcelli, Giocondo, DKC, USN MAL

Massay, Billy J, PRC, USN 057

McCain, James L, AMHC, USN 091

Meetze, Charles F, CS1, USN 202

Meisch, Adolph P, ADRC, USN 097

Middleton, Milton, USMC 091

Mileson, Richard L, FTGC, USN 344

Miller, Henry C, ICC, USN MAL

Moore, Bill E, GMG1, USN 120

Morgan, Terry C, EMCS, USN 284

Murias, Frank A, AECS, USN 363

Murray, Thomas E, HN, USN 106

Myhre, Kenneth D, AMHC, USN 094

Nelson, Roy W, BTC, USN 018

Niermann, Theodore A, AMCS, USN 126

Nolan, William B., BT2, USN 296

Norwood, Donald F, LNC, USN 094

Oldham, Ralph L, RMCS, USN MAL

Olshefski, Peter J, YNCM, USN 061

Olson, Gordon O, GMG1, USN 032

Oneil, Charles W, MSGT, USMC 374

Palka, Vincent A, YNC, USN 042

Pea, Charley W, AMC, USN MAL

Perkins, Samuel E, AWC, USN MAL

Perry, George E, AMSC, USN MAL

Phillips, Ford, PNCS, USN 307

Pitts, Grady, DC1, USN 040

Pries, Lester W, BMC, USN 365

PNP, Punteney, John A, STCM(SS),
USN 050

Ramirez, Paul A, FCCM, USN MAL

Regeczi, Richard J, BU1, USN 170

Reynolds, Elwood E, HMC, USN 050

Rhoden, Lawrence B, CWO4, USN MAL

Ribble, Thomas R, STCS, USN 050

Rice, Gilbert T, CWO3, USN 382

Richards, Horace R, PC1, USN 210

Riley, John C, HMC, USN MAL

Rodriguez, Robert, LT, USN MAL

Roessler, Charles F, YN2, USN MAL

Roy, James A, CWO3, USN MAL
Scharbach, James F, PNC, USN 022

Sheddan, Joseph A, PO3, USN 210

Silva, Juan Jose, PO1, USN 094

Silvernail, Carl, SK3, USN 104

Smith, Gerald T, ENC(SS), USN 363

Stein, John D, ATC, USN 136

Stevenson, Hugh C, GYSGT, USMC MAL

Stiller, Virgil D, SCPO, USN 043

Stoddard, Charles M, AO1, USN 029

Streeper, Arthur R, BMC, USN MAL

Stroud, Joal C, LCDR, USN MAL
Tait, James M, AMHC, USN 091

Thomas, Bobby K, EM1(SS), USN 001

Trader, James P, POC, USN 170
Walker, Floyd W, SKC, USN 011

Wanamaker, Carlyle E, MMCM, USN 050

Weathers, James R, BMCM, USN 248

Wesley, Robert, DTC, USN 246

Wetherell, Richard B, ATC, USN 042

Whitaker, William R, HMC(SS), USN 091

Willcutt, James M, BMC, USN 269

Willford, Leroy F, AG1, USN 086

Williams, Herman R, GYSGT, USMC 028

Wilson, Robert E, GYSGT, USMC MAL

Zegarski, Stanley A, BMC, USN 091

Names in bold indicate 50 year continuous members.

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