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PRPSE Roger Mitchell

Shipmate Roger Mitchell has been nominated by shipmates of Branch 188 (Tampa, Florida) to serve as the Association’s National Vice President. A member of FRA since 1985 and a Life Member for more than 20 years, Mitchell has 21 years of experience as a branch president, presiding at Branch 188 and Branch 278 (Huntsville, Alabama). He has also chaired or served as a member of the Southeast Region’s Financial, Youth Activities, Membership and Public Relations Committees. He served with distinction as the Southeast Regional President in 2007–2008 and has also chaired the national Youth Activities Committee. Additionally, he has served on several standing and special committees, and was chairman for the 2010 National Convention in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Mitchell served 22 years in the U.S. Navy, enlisting in 1959 and retiring as a CWO-4 in 1981. His military career included participation in the Cuban Missile Crisis blockade, service in Vietnam and involvement in several NASA recovery missions. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Management from Athens State University and worked for a variety of defense contractors for more than 20 years following his Navy career.

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