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Adams, John C, MSCS, USN 162

Anderson, Albin A, ADCR, USN 049

Ashley, Douglas, RMCS, USN MAL
Bal, John E, ADJ-1, USN 014

Barnes, Vernie L, BMC, USN 014

Bauer, Robert H , HMC, USN MAL

Beaty, Thomas C, GMMC, USN MAL

Bigley, William J, MSCM, USN 091

PRPSE, Blair, B. Charles, AEC, USN 089

Bond, Robert L, AMHC, USN MAL

Bryant, James B, GMC, USN MAL

Burket, Allen, YNCM, USN 126

Burris, William H, ADJ1, USN MAL

Cass, Hoyal L, TMCSS, USN 013

Caudron, James H, PO1 AE1, USN 141

Chapman, Roy, BMC, USN MAL

Clarino, Salvatore J., CWO, USCG MAL

Clark, Thomas E, HMC, USN 234

Clement, Willis E, BMC, USN 285

Connor, John J, EMC, USN 018

Cunniff, Thomas F, ADR1, USN MAL

Decker, Robert D, SH1, USN MAL
Dinquel, Jack C, FTCS, USN 221

Drane, Winford F, AEC, USN MAL

Elcess, David C, MSCM, USN MAL

Euperio, Pedro Q., 247

Farr, Jerome, ADRC, USN 042

Fugere, Donald, LT, USN MAL

Gallardo, Tomas I, GYSGT, USMC 281

Ganeff, Del, AK1, USN 281

Goshen, William D, QMC, USCG 051

Grimsley, Harold F, BMCM, USN MAL

Hallman, Ernest S, ADC, USN MAL

Hanstine, Raymond A, ACC, USN 042

Haynes, Harold L, ADRC, USN 018

Herrera, Guadalupe, USN 022

Hewitt, Wallace A, HMCM, USN 053

Hickenbottom, Charles, RMC, USN 047

Johnson, Wayne Gary, RMCM/SS, USN 238

Jones, Marjorie K, DPC, USN MAL

Jones, William D, LCDR, USN MAL
Karrer, Norman H, HMCS, USN 275

Keiffer, Leo H, CDR, USN 001

Kelly, Joseph H, DCC, USN MAL

Kiefer, Roman G, SHC E, USN 105

Kohn, George W, EM1, USN 273
Lay, David E, AECS, USN 163

Leitch, William J, PHC, USN 097

Martin, Richard W, CDR, USN 147

Massetti, Ennio, LCDR, USN MAL

McCoy, Raymond H, LT, USN 261

McGuirk, Francis J, SKC, USN 099

Messner, Charles H, SHC, USN 086

Miles, Paul C, CWO3, USN 099

Miller, Clarence F, PO1, USN 093

Mislan, Thomas J, YNCS, USN 005

Mitchell, Leon, BTC, USN 161

NVP, Mitchell, Roger E. CWO4, USN 188

Moon, Thomas, ICC, USN 278

Mooney, Charles A., RM1, USN 170

Moss, Carroll R, DTC, USN MAL

Naungayan, Jose P, MSC, USN 085

Nelson, Mark V, CDR, USN 280

Nerney, John, CPO, USN MAL

Nickless, Gary R, AMHC, USN 126

Pankake, Christian R, PNCS, USN MAL

Parker, Dorothy T, PC1, USN 022

Peery, Larry, CAPT, USN MAL

Plott, David M, AEC, USN 070

Ratcliff, Robert G, BT1, USN 264

Rinehart, Kenneth I, CPO, USN 026

Riordan, Edward J, TMCS, USN 099

Rittweger, Nicholas S, EM2, USN 254

Robison, Charles E, RMCS, USN 008

Rogers, Jack W, YN1, USN 285

Sadro, Francis J, ACC, USN 022

Sanz, Edison J, QMC, USN 084

Schrink, John L, ADR1, USN 071

Schutte, David M., MM2, USN 162

Scouten, Merle S, BMC, USN 024

Scovern, John J, YMCS, USN MAL

Selfridge, George D, RADM, USN 267

Shick, Richard G, BMC, USN 258

Smith, James H., AETC/CPO, USCG 293

Spahr, Charles F, ADJ2, USN 289

Spencer, Richard H, AOC, USN 011

Stoner, Oliver B, SGTMAJ, USMC MAL

Suasa, Ernando, DKC, USN 084

Szczepanski, Kazimierz, LT, USN 156

Tolosa, Nicomedes T, DKCS, USN 120
Voeltz, Charles R, AEC, USN 136
Walker, Ronald C, EMCM, USN 289

Weed, Richard O, AC1, USN MAL

PNC, Whitaker, Thomas A, RMCS, USN 147

Williams, Elnathan, DTC, USN MAL

Williams, Ed L, ATC, USN 089

Williams, Carl G, ETCS, USN 126

Wilson, Frank B, ADC, USN MAL

Wolcott, George A, AZ1, USN 091

Wright, Thomas L, BM1, USN 273
Zakutansky, Eugene, STSCS, USN MAL

Zobb, Louis J, CWO3, USN 010

Names in red indicate 50 year continuous members. Names in bold indicate Past National Officers.

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Cargo Handling Battalion Six

September 11–13, 2015, Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania. Contact CMC Vito Motisi, 197D Ramapo Road, Garnerville, NY 10923-1845 at 914-629-7622 or

USS Cacapon (AO-52)

September 9–13, 2015, Kansas City, Missouri. Contact Rick Connell at 847-797-1716 or

USS Chivo (SS-341)

October 4–8, 2015, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Contact Stan Pollard, 3016 Bayberry Cove, Wooster, OH 44691, 330-749-7151 (ext. 341) or

USS Constant (MSO-427)

October 1–4, 2015, Bloomington, Minnesota. Contact Gary Larsen, 7332 Colfax Ave, So Richfield, MN, 612-861-1503 or

USS Dale (DLG-19/CG-19) & USS Dewey (DLG-14/DDG-45)

September 13–17, 2015, Virginia Beach, Virginia. Contact Dennis W. Smith at 570-337-8025 or

USS Diachenko (APD/LPR-123)

February 16–19, 2016, Las Vegas, Nevada. Contact Walter Defelice, 6302 Lake Athabaska Place, San Diego, CA 92119, 1-619-534-8491 or

USS Everett (PF-8)

June 2–4, 2015, New Orleans, Louisiana. Contact Joe Bays at 206-293-8180 or

USS Hanson (DD/DDR-832)

September 17–19, 2015, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Contact Roy Ridderbusch at

425-742-6591 or

USS Hassayampa (AO-145)

September 10–12, 2015, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Contact Norm Barron at 405-590-3717 or

USS Oklahoma City Association

September 29–October 4, 2015, Reno, Nevada. Contact John Baker at 620-399-3999.

USS Sea Cat (SS-399)

October 19–23, 2015, Mobile, Alabama. Contact Ed Hymer, 1114 Elm Ave., Norwalk, IA 50211, 515-981-3006.

USS Takelma (ATF-113)

October 15–18, 2015, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Contact Dick Schreifels, 247 14th Ave. S, S. St. Paul, MN 55075, 651-455-1876,

VF-11 Red Rippers

August 24–28, 2015, Pensacola, Florida. Contact Jeff Thompson, 319-395-0646,

VR-21 Fleet Tactical Support Squadron

September 9–13, 2015, Portland, Oregon. Contact Bob or Bonnie Parton, 73 Marigold Dr., Bellingham, WA 98229, 360-676-1339 or 360-510-8237,

VS-21 (circa 1955–1973)

September 27–October 1, 2015, San Diego, California. Contact Jeff Weisel, 117 Little Oaks Rd., Encinitas, CA 92024, 760-612-4376,

Members can post reunions online at, submit to or mail to: FRA Reunions, 125 N. West St., Alexandria, Virginia, 22314.
Reunions are a Great Recruiting Opportunity!

If you’re hosting or attending a reunion, please consider how many prospective FRA members will also be there! FRA has published a prospective member brochure with an information request form and a “thank you for your service” reference card included. You can easily talk through benefits of membership with the prospect using this card and offer NewsBytes or one of the FRA guides, provided by filling out the information card. For their convenience, they can keep the list of benefits on one side and a handy list of information sources on the other.

These work great for one-to-one conversations with someone you know is eligible for membership (at least one day of enlisted service in the Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard). You can request these brochures or other items for your reunion from FRA Member Services, at 1-800-372-1924, or Reunions are great places to recruit — if you’d like additional information or ideas for your reunion, please contact us!
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Looking for…

Chaplain Edward Leis

He was a Catholic priest who served as a Navy Chaplain in 1970-1980. Please contact Roger Essi, 422 Saddle Ridge Road, Fayetteville, NC 28311-1243, or 910-580-7800.

AMS Thomas M. Thomas

AMH Jones H. Butler

ABH Robert A. Painter

Please contact Ann Kirby, wife of AMH John P. Kirby, at or 352-854-1866.

HTC Stanley Fenstermacher

He served aboard USS Abnaki (ATF-96) as an HT2, 1975-1978. Last known duty station was aboard USS Fife (DD-991) as an HTC. Please contact J.J. Schmidt at P.O. Box 175, Benton, IL 62812.

STSCM(SS) Willie B. Grover III

He served on the USS Sam Rayburn and also as TRALANT’s Sonar Tech. Please contact STSCS(SS) George Dreyer (Ret.) at

VF-11 Red Rippers

Especially those who served during the 1967 fire aboard USS Forrestal and are not on our present email list. A reunion is planned for August 24-28, 2015, in Pensacola, Florida. All Red Rippers from any era are most welcome to join our group, be added to our contact list and receive reunion and other VF-11 information. Contact Jeff Thompson at

These notices are published on a space available basis. Notices must be submitted in writing. E-mail or mail your request to: FRA, Looking for…, 125 N. West St., Alexandria, VA, 22314.

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BRANCH 124 Lakehurst, NEW JERSEY

Shipmate Leon J. Phillips receives his 40-year continuous membership pin and award from PRPNE David Munday III and Branch President William R. Anthony.

BRANCH 99 Virginia Beach, VIRGINIA

Shipmate David Moser recognized outstanding active duty Sailors at a recent Sailor of the Quarter ceremony at NAS Oceana. Shown (l to r) are GM1 Marvin Ford, GM2(SW) Brittany Hailey, Shipmate Moser and MA3 Kandice Nelson.


Shipmate Lyle Wille (left) was recognized for 40 years of continuous FRA membership and presented with a certificate and pin by Branch President Larry Cole. Congratulations and thank you, Shipmate!


Shipmate Roger Gagnon received a 10-year continuous membership pin and certificate and also a certificate of appreciation as chairman of Youth Activities for his committee’s second place recognition in the region. The presentation was made by Branch Secretary/Treasurer Allan Given.


Branch President Harvey Spencer (right) presents shipmate Earl Echols (left) with his 40-year continuous membership certificate and lapel pin at a branch meeting.

BRANCH 13 Atlantic City, NEW JERSEY

Shipmates discuss the value of FRA membership on the air during the “Welcome Home Talk Show” on WIBG AM radio. Seated from left to right are Branch President Bob Campbell; Joe Griffies, host of the Welcome Home Show; Branch Vice President Al Davenport and Branch Secretary Bob Burness.

BRANCH 84 San Diego, CalifORNIA

Shipmates Ray Cordivin (60-year pin), Bernabe Racela and Rogelio Malana (40-year pins) received their awards from then-RPSW Michael Fulton, assisted by Branch President Manny Cabildo.

BRANCH 201 Austin, Texas

Branch Secretary Charley Randall was the recipient of the 2014 Robert E. Dougherty award, presented by the National Americanism-Patriotism Committee. Shown (l to r) are PRPSC Russ Miller, Randall and PRPSC Bob Holcomb.


Wayne Barron (left) presents a check to Evanthe Papastathis, coordinator of Wreaths Across America (WAA) efforts at the national cemeteries in Marietta and Canton, Georgia. Shortly after this presentation, Branch 89 joined WAA as a fundraising partner and raised an additional $1,090 for the program. Seven Branch 89 shipmates also participated in placing the wreaths on December 13, 2014.

BRANCH 166 Virginia Beach, VIRGINIA

Branch President S.D. Martin (left) and shipmates present an electric range to Wayne Lavender and Emily Grimmer of the South Hampton Roads Habitat for Humanity. The range will be part of a home provided to a Sea Services veteran by the organization.

To submit a photo for News from the Branches, please e-mail a photo as an attachment in jpeg format to or mail a high-quality photograph to FRA Today, 125 N. West Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. Please include a brief description of the photograph and include the names of those pictured. Laser prints and scanned copies of photographs cannot be accepted.
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Message from the East Coast Regional President
Every issue of the Triangle, FRA Today magazine and regional presidents’ newsletters that I receive has some information about membership. As East Coast Regional President for the last year and a half, I have been trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Although technically a Unit may retain its charter until its membership declines below five members, it is clear that most cease to function well even at much higher membership levels. We will all soon be getting slates together for Unit elections. This typically reveals how well the Unit is doing. Many members find that they cannot take on an officer position due to health issues. This is particularly distressing when a small cadre of “active” members has been carrying the leadership load for their organization and indicates that the Unit has probably not been functioning in a healthy manner for some time. In a small Unit this means that they will have to disband, hopefully with members transferring to another Unit rather than to the Member-At-Large list.

Some of the Units are flourishing. I have been able to see the reasons more clearly in new Units. I found the experience of one new Unit particularly instructive and I would like to outline some of the elements that seem to contribute to their success. Their watch words appear to be Positive Attitude and Cooperation. Working together and not separately, when able, builds a unity that fosters goodwill. This Unit is supported fully by their Branch. The Unit and Branch have laid out a plan of action for the year and work together on fundraising and some projects. Both the Branch and Unit also share a philosophy of outreach to other similar community organizations and attend their fundraisers and parties. They are also very effective in recruiting qualified members from these other organizations. The principal officers of both Unit and Branch attend the area council meetings, regional mid-year meetings and regional and national conventions. This gives them a better insight into the functions of our organization and helps them to apply what they have learned to make their own meetings run smoothly. I believe the biggest factor is in mentoring. The Unit has been very open to inviting other experienced members in the region to join their meetings and share information. They have quickly learned to keep their meetings progressing in the accepted format and turn, when necessary, to more knowledgeable sources to guide problem solving. This type of reinforcement helps the learning curve and leads to implementation of new ideas.

Units that are flourishing still have to struggle to maintain membership, but it’s important to recognize the power of purposeful Unit function and sincere fellowship. In less than a year, this Unit went from fifteen members to forty-one. This is phenomenal growth. I believe that sharing what works just may be the boost that all our Units can use to restart their own growth.

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