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Ackerman, Adrian J, SKC, USN MAL

Adamson, Harold Roy, SSGT, USMC 293

Angell, Hal D, BM1, USN 310

Bartee, Lawrence W, RMC, USN MAL

Blake, James L, AMHC, USN 112

Brown, Phillip L, OSC, USN 008

Cash, William N, AFCM, USN MAL

Chapman, Harold E, ATC, USN 229

Clark, Rodney R, SGTMAJ, USMC 141

Cook, Bobbie F, HMC, USN 316

Coulon, Charles R, CWO2, USN MAL

Craft, Michael D, AMSC(AW), USN 261

Crowell, Edward J, OS1, USN 290
Dettinger, Max D, QMC, USN 159

Drum, Hayes E, EMCM, USN MAL

Edwards, Raymond L, DCCS, USN MAL

Ellis, Eva P, YN1, USN 261

Erickson, Charles B, COL, USMC 178
Fay, Paul, STG2, USN MAL

Fessler, Gregory D, RM1(SS), USN 029

Flowers, Eddie, BMC, USN 099
Gaddie, William B, IC1, USN MAL

Garland, Robert T, ADRC, USN 115

Getchel, Wayne B, ATC, USN 070

Gobber, Lambert Y, AD2, USN 177

Gordy, Robert C, FTC S, USN 159

Gravelle, Thomas G, EMCS, USN 061

Gray, Leonard G, RMCS, USN 047
Hale, Raymond N, CWO3, USN 126

Hamilton, Deane A, YN1, USN MAL

Hammett, Jack R., WO1, USN 175

Harter, Richard S, CWO4, USN MAL

Heise, Frederick J, CDR, USN 042

Heitzman, James W., 216

Hund, David E., FN1, USN 230
Igo, John F, LTJG/ EX-PA-1, USCGR 229
Jones, Gayle L, PO1, USNR 284

Judson, Franklin F, CWO4, USMC MAL

Lee, Edwin D, E9 Master CPO, USN MAL

Lee, Willard, CWO3, USN 117

Leftwich, Claude E, MCPO, USN 099

Long, Tommy J, AOC, USN 126

Louis, Terrence M, NCC(SW), USN 251
Maloy, Broaden E, PO2, USN 089

McCaslin, Louis B, ET1, USN 024

McKinney, Clay, TMCS, USN 123

McKitrick, Robert W, ETCS, USN MAL

Mendez, David R, DPC, USN 162

Menzie, William J, PC1, USN 181

Miller, Terry R, STGCS(SW, USN 162

Miller, Stanley L., EN DSN, USN 068

Musick, Lawson A, GYSGT, USMC 042
Nagorske, Walter E, MCPO, USN MAL

Noland, Ralph E, HMCM, USN 254

Palmer, Phillip M, ABH1, USN 040

Peal, Richard L., USN 029

Peterson, Dale A, QMC(SS), USN 020

Phelps, Don A, DPCS, USN MAL

Porter, Calvin E, RM1, USN MAL
Rodriguez, Dana O, USCG 159

Romero, Richard, ATC, USN 022

Sarnowski, Michael, HTC, USN 014

Schulze, Carl O, QMCS, USN 289

Seute, Charles L, YNCS, USN 166

Siemienczuk, John F, RMCM, USN 047

Sims, Robert E, CPO, USN 118

Singleton, John E, BMC, USN 159

Souza, Jack J, BMC, USN 010

Sowa, Dennis W, RM2, USN 022

Stone, William Carter, CWO4(RET), USN 093

Strauss, Modris, PO1, USN MAL

Styren, Harold H, AD1C, USN MAL
Thomas, William A, GMC, USN 021

Thomas, John W., SN, USCG 124

Troyon, Charles A, YNC(SS), USN 342

Tyldesley, Walter E, GYSGT, USMC 001

Wilburn, Curtis R, AOC, USN 172

Wischerth, William L, AOC, USN 126

Woodell, Joseph C, MKC, USCG 040
Yaggi, Fred A., GMC, USN MAL

Names in red indicate 50 year continuous members. Names in bold indicate Past National Officers.

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AE/OE Sailors Association

September 30–October 4, 2015, Dayton, Ohio. Contact Kurt Julsen, 907-333-0681,

Aviation Boatswain’s Mates Association

August 10 –14, 2015, Portsmouth, Virginia. Contact LCDR (Ret.) Doug Thornton, 5765 Jade Moon Circle, Milton, FL 32583, 619-578-1523,

Mobile Riverine Force Association and the 9th Infantry Division (Mekong Delta)

September 2– 6, 2015, Indianapolis, Idiana. Contact Charlie Ardinger, 1857 County Road A14, Decorah, IA 52101, 563-735-5924,

Naval Air Station Sanford, All Units & Squadrons, 1942-1968

June 25 – 28, 2015, Sanford, Florida. Contact CDR Ralph Feeback (Ret.), 205 Poinsetta Drive, Sanford, FL 32773, 407-302-2252,

Naval Hospital Roosevelt Roads, PR

August 20–23, 2015, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Contact Marty or Brenda Goldman, 1205 Decatur Rd, Jacksonville, NC 28540, 910-347-6696,

NMCB 62 & Ireland & Scotland Seabees

April 30–May 4, 2015, Gulfport, Mississippi. Contact Norm Hahn, 1805 Oaklawn Dr., Eau Claire, WI 54703, 715-379-4282,

USS Antietam (CV/CVA/CXVS-36)

September 16–20, 2015, Boise, Idaho. Contact Lyonel Young, 411 Hill Dr., Galena, MO 65656, 316-680-0252,

USS Bexar (APA-237) and USS Pickaway (APA-222)

September 17–20, 2015, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Contact Steve Malloy, 1542 10th St., Bremerton, WA 98337, 360-373-1093,

USS Bushnell (AS-15)

May 18 –21, 2015, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Contact Mike Wentzel, Box 133, Oley, PA 19547, 610-741-9190,

USS Iwo Jima (LPH2/LHD7) Shipmates

September 13–16, 2015, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Contact Robert G. McAnally, 152 Frissell Street, Hampton, VA 23663, 757-723-0317,

USS Jason (ARH-1/AR-8)

June 8 –12, 2015, Branson, Missouri. Contact Steve Brunette, 360-301-5258,

USS King (DLG-10/DDG-41)

June 18 –21, 2015, Las Vegas, Nevada. Contact John Fitzsimons, 609-971-5498,

USS Sam Rayburn (SSBN-635)

October 11–15, 2015, St. Marys, Georgia. Contact Dalton Duncan, 1090 Inverness Avenue, Melbourne, FL 32940-1913, 407-766-6060,

USS Saytr (ARL-23)

June 4–8, 2015, Pensacola, Florida. Contact Jerry D. Toney, 10926 Majuro Dr., Jacksonville, FL 32246, 904-641-5354,

USS Spiegel Grove (LSD-32)

October 13–16, 2015, Evansville, Indiana. Contact Dannie Overton, 414 Hill St., Beaver Dam, KY 42320, 270-999-8625,

USS Sterett Association

September 17–20, 2015, Tacoma, Washington. Contact Steve Hayes, 17054 Palm Ridge Dr., D’Iberville, MS 39540, 228-392-6742,

USS Trumpetfish (SS-425)

November 4–9, 2015, N. Charleston, South Carolina. Contact Terry Trump, 404 Pinehurst Ave., Summerville, SC 29483, 843-873-9563,

USS Westchester County (LST 1167)

September 8 –11, 2015, San Diego, California. Contact John Nosek, 408-839-6566,

USS Wiltsie (DD-716)

August 23–27, 2015, Warwick, Rhode Island. Contact Ted Laurila, 360-736-3853,

VAP/VJ61-62 “Vapper’s Reunion”

October 14–18, 2015, Reno, Nevada. Contact Donna M. Sims, 660-259-4546,

Members can post reunions online at, submit to or mail to: FRA Reunions, 125 N. West St., Alexandria, Virginia, 22314.
Reunions are a Great Recruiting Opportunity!

If you’re hosting or attending a reunion, please consider how many prospective FRA members will also be there! FRA has published a prospective member brochure with an information request form and a “thank you for your service” reference card included. You can easily talk through benefits of membership with the prospect using this card and offer NewsBytes or one of the FRA guides, provided by filling out the information card. For their convenience, they can keep the list of benefits on one side and a handy list of information sources on the other.

These work great for one-to-one conversations with someone you know is eligible for membership (at least one day of enlisted service in the Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard). You can request these brochures or other items for your reunion from FRA Member Services, at 1-800-372-1924, or Reunions are great places to recruit — if you’d like additional information or ideas for your reunion, please contact us!
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BRANCH 247 Dagupan City, Philippines

Members attended the 70th anniversary of General Douglas MacArthur’s landing at Bonuan Blue Beach, Dagupan City, Philippines. (This is where our former General landed, not in Lingayen.)

BRANCH 26 Bakersfield, California

In recognition of the importance of instilling the virtues of patriotism, honor, courage and commitment in our youth, Branch President Walter Stabenow presents a check for $1,000 to Lt.(jg) Beth Karlin, Commanding Officer of Bakersfield’s O’Callahan Division, Naval Sea Cadet Corps. Similar checks were presented to two other Sea Cadet units in the region.

BRANCH 22 Pensacola, Florida

Shipmates Don Krauss (left), Branch President Bob Hall (center), and Junior Past President Jim Richmond (right) place a wreath at the Branch & Unit 22 Memorial at Barrancas National Cemetery as part of National Wreaths Across America.

BRANCH 59 Cheyenne, Wyoming

FRA is proud to acknowledge Shipmate MM1 Kristen Trefren, USNR, for her dedication to the training needed to complete the October 2014 Marine Corps Marathon at Quantico, Virginia. Trefren ran the marathon to support the Fisher House, while also working on her doctorate in nursing. She is a nurse, a wife, mother of two boys and drills with the Navy Operational Support Center in Cheyenne. In her spare time she studies for the Chiefs exam. Congratulations & well done, Shipmate Trefren.

BRANCH 130 Mooresville, Indiana

Branch members welcome Shipmate Fred Jones home from his Honor Flight to visit the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. Jones is a WWII Navy veteran and a member of the USS Indianapolis Memorial. Pictured (l to r) are Hank Jacoby, Flight Guardian Linda Lanning, Jones, PRPNC Bob Melson, Charles Cleveland and Joe Lanning.

BRANCH 42 Lincoln, Rhode Island

RPNE/NEng Floyd Hunt (right) present Shipmate Bob Shillaber (center) with his 40-year continuous membership certificate and pin as Branch Vice President Jim Pace (left) looks on.

BRANCH 146 Johnsonville/Willow Grove, Pennsylvania

Shipmates placed memorial wreaths on markers in the Memorial Gardens at the Wings of Freedom Aviation Museum, located on the site of the now closed NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. Pictured are Shipmates Charlie Glass, Branch President Dave Carver, and Tom Concannon.

BRANCH 29 Bremerton, Washington

Shipmate Ed Foskett is recognized for 50 years of continuous FRA membership and accepts his certificate from Branch President Michelle Hodges.

BRANCH 201 Austin, Texas

Branch 201 received 337 submissions to this year’s Americanism Essay Contest and grading them was quite a task. Pictured (l to r, foreground) are Branch Secretary Charley Randall, PRPSC Bob Holcomb, Branch President Richard Waltman, (l to r, background), Don Weldon, LAPRPSC Joan Miller and PRPSC Russ Miller.

BRANCH 226 Staten Island, New york

Shipmate John Huey receives his 40-year pin, certificate and National President’s letter from Branch President/PRPNE/NEng Jim Brown and Vice President Al Klingele.

To submit a photo for News from the Branches, please e-mail a photo as an attachment in jpeg format to or mail a high-quality photograph to FRA Today, 125 N. West Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. Please include a brief description of the photograph and include the names of those pictured. Laser prints and scanned copies of photographs cannot be accepted.


Message from the Northwest Region President

Aloha from sunny Hawaii, I am so honored to be serving the Northwest Region of the Auxiliary as its president for the 2014–2015 year. Thus far, my term has been busy and quite eventful!

After attending the National Convention in Corpus Christi, I represented the region and Unit 46 at the 2014 Veteran’s Day ceremonies aboard the Mighty Mo on Ford Island. This sunset ceremony is always beautiful and moving.

In December, I was honored to host our National President, Doris Fri, for the December 7th ceremonies at Pearl Harbor. This visit included a wreath-laying ceremony aboard the USS Arizona Memorial, which is awe-inspiring.

At the National President’s Dinner, hosted by Branch and Unit 46, NP Fri addressed the shipmates and Auxiliary members and introduced her National President’s Project to us. We are happy to support her efforts to provide accessible homes for veterans through Building Homes for Heroes.

As we look forward to spring, I hope that many of you are making plans to attend the Pilgrimage in April. This will be my first pilgrimage and I feel privileged to be able to attend. It is my sincere hope to be able to visit many of my units on my way back across country and, hopefully, stand up a new unit in Everett, Washington, as well!

We continue to experience challenges across the region with maintaining and growing membership. In an effort to improve communication among the units in the Northwest Region, which are geographically spread out across thousands of miles, we developed a Facebook page where everyone can share their best practices and activities. The page is open to all, so please visit and “Like” us at If you like what you see, it’s very easy to start one for your own region or unit. I would be happy to assist anyone who is interested in creating a social media presence to help promote the FRA and LA FRA.

The Northwest Region is delighted to be hosting the National Convention this year. We are beginning the process of soliciting donations for raffles and drawings, so if you have ideas or wish to contribute something special that would appeal to our membership, please contact me at

I look forward to seeing many of you over the course of the year. I wish you all good health.

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