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Aragon, Remiglo B., USN 084

Ardo, Julius A, CPO, USN 175

Baron, William M, RMC, USN 202

Beattie, James W, EMCM(SS), USN 309

Bellock, James R, CWO4, USN 264

Bence, Robert D, MMCS, USN 067

Bernier, Arthur G, GYSGT, USMC 208

Best, Orlan G, PO1, USN MAL

Blouse, John G, MMCM, USN 106

Boggs, Clarence C, QMCS(SS), USN 099

Braden, Raymond L, PNC, USN 094

Bunker, William S, YNCS, USN 085

Calk, Dolon L, AO1, USN 098

Carriker, Floyd A, SK1, USN 175

Carter, David L, MSGT, USMC MAL

Caulder, William E, CPO, USN 259

Clarke, Arthur L, HMC, USN 178

Cline, Larry L, BTC, USN 259

Cloutier, Leo R, ADR2, USN 124

Coady, James P, RM1, USN MAL

Coons, Raymond E, EMCS(SS), USN 263

Core, Walter L, PNC, USN 099

Crabtree, Duane M, AZC, USN 021

Crelencia, Augusto B, SK1, USN 111

Crockett, John R, YNCS(SS), USN 008
Denham, Euel E, OMC, USN 022

Dennis, James A, HT1, USN MAL

Destefano, Ralph J, ENC, USN 046

Dietz, Donald A, ATCS, USN MAL

Donohue, Austin J, EM1, USN 005

Draper, Michael J., 358

Dreher, Leonard A., USN 289
Eaton, Marshall J, CPO, USN 026

Ervin, Donald J, RM1, USN 136

Farnsworth, Russell A, AK1, USN MAL

Finch, Dan D, CWO3, USN 093

Follero, Jose T, DK1, USN 127

Foster, Robert R, AKC, USN 289

Frank, Louis C, MSGT, USMC 067

Franson, Richard V, USN 136

Froitzheim, Norman P, RM1, USN MAL

Fulmer, Samuel J, MSGT, USMC 358

Gascon, Ronald J, RMCM, USN MAL

Gill, James L, HMCM(SW), USN 020

Gipson, Charles R, ATCS, USN 011

Grant, Daniel R, MMCS, USN 091

Green, John B, CPO, USN 219
Hamilton, James L, CTACM, USN 182

Harris, Harold E, CEC, USN 234

Harris, Julius C, USN MAL

Holliday, Gene C, AZ1, USN 041

Hord, Cheryl A, PNCM, USN 251

Houston, William B, LCDR, USN 061

Jenkins, Arden K, BTC, USN MAL

Jessup, John M, FT1, USN 055

Jocson, Dominador A., CPO, USCG 004

Johnson, Roger D, USN 338

Jolley, Richard W, SSGT, USMC 060

Jones, Paul C, ADR2, USN 124

Jones, Needham B, AKCM, USN MAL

Julian, Edward J, GYSGT, USMC 071

Kovrig, Joseph P, YNC, USN MAL

Krueger, David L, HMCM(SW)

Retired, USN MAL
Lemons, Chester F, MGYSGT, USMC 208

Lindquist, John A, FTCM(SS/DV),


Lombardo, Michael, FTGC, USN 005

Lozinak, John J, CPO, USN MAL

Luzzi, Edward, PFC, USMC 124

Madenford, Eugene C, 1STLT, USMC 106

Mahan, Lee G, ADJ1, USN 126

Marson, Joseph L, ADRC, USN 022

Martin, James J, USN 226

Martinez, Joseph, AMS1, USN MAL

Mathis, Charles S, ENC, USN 042

May, Robert F, BTCM, USN MAL

McKean, James W, FTGC, USN MAL

McKinley, Robert B, ADRC, USN 094

McManness, Gene V, AMHC, USN 267

McMonagle, Francis X., MM2, USN 012

Moschella, Frank J, AD3, USN 091

Moschner, Gerald R, CE2, USN 365
Mowry, Lewis W, ETCM, USN 087
O’Neill, Linda H., PN3, USN 024

Olsen, Ralph W, CPO, USN MAL

Payner, Charles J, DCC, USN 327

Peterman, Silas E, GMGC, USN 018

Petricone, Salvatore P, EM2, USNR 147

Pitchord, Tom, QM3, USN 371

Pool, Henry F., EAC, USN MAL

Price, Fred R, CAPT, USMC 194

Price, Vernell, GYSGT, USMC 159

Pruitt, Burl, PO1, MAL

Rask, Ralph E, USN 018

Rattigan, Benjamin, AOC, USN 091

Rich, Ronald L, CTMCM, USN 175

Rojem, Arthur L, AMS1, USN 289

Rudd, Charles E., USN 183

Ryan, James D, MMCM, USN MAL

Scheidegger, John H, CTAC, USN 162

Smith, James A, AMSC, USN 287

Stansbury, Ronald W, PNC, USN 197

Stouder, Floyd W, DKC, USN 276

Travelbee, Ophelia F, YN1, USN 021

Tuders, William A, BMC, USN MAL

Tuxhorn, Willis H, DCCS, USN MAL
Weaver, Fred L, HMC, USN 022

Whelpley, Larry Michael, OM1, USN 289

Wilson, Thomas G, CTOC, USN 022

Wilson, Harry S, HMC, USN 060

Winsett, Russel T, GMC, USN 109

Wittenauer, Raymond A, AFCM, USN 091

Watts, Algie A, IMC, USN 202

Ward, Raleigh C, SWC, USN 215

Wallace, Alvin G, ADR1, USN 339

Woody, Robert F, ACCM, USN MAL

Wright, Cary F, LCDR, USN 047
Zwatschka, John R, ADJC, USN 022

Names in red indicate 50 year continuous members. Names in bold indicate Past National Officers.

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Investing in FRA’s Future

Your involvement in FRA demonstrates extraordinary commitment to improving the quality of life for current and former service personnel. Many shipmates choose to leave a legacy of Loyalty, Protection and Service by contributing to the FRA or remembering the Association in their wills or living trusts. Creating such a lasting tribute is a simple way to perpetuate your commitment to the guiding principles of our organization.

In recent years, many shipmates have elected to include FRA in their wills. By providing for FRA in your estate plan, you are investing in a lasting benefit for your family, your shipmates, and all those who will follow after. Gifts like these help to ensure the continued success of our work on Capitol Hill, our scholarship program for deserving students and the other programs that make being an FRA Shipmate so special.

Donations and Bequests

FRA gratefully accepts donations from our members and others who wish to support the Association’s important work. Some shipmates elect to donate directly or make bequests as part of their estate plan, while others ask family and friends to make donations and bequests in their name.

As you consider your contribution, know that FRA’s management of financial resources far exceeds the Better Business Bureau’s standards for charity organizations. FRA spends 85 cents of every dollar to provide direct service to its members, with a minimum spent on fundraising and overhead. Donors can be assured their legacy donations are handled with the same good stewardship and respect.

Shipmates are encouraged to request a copy of our free publication, My Personal Affairs, designed to help you organize all of your important financial information. For your copy, please contact Member Services at or 1-800-FRA-1924.

Contributions may be made in a variety of ways.

By phone: Please call FRA’s Finance Officer at 1-800-672-1924 or 703-683-1400, extension 102, and explain that you would like to make a memorial donation.

Online: Visit our secure website at, and click the “Support FRA” tab near the top of the screen.

By mail: If you prefer to make your donation by check, you may mail it to:


125 N. West Street

Alexandria, VA 22314

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USS Hamner (DD-718)

September 17–21, 2015, San Diego, California. Contact Pattie Keys, 4419 Olando Lane, Bowie, MD 20715, 714-401-7791.

USS Columbus (CA-74, CG12, SSN762)

September 22–27, 2015, San Diego, California. Contact Al Hope, 260-486-2221,

USS Arnold J Isbell (DD-869)

September 10–13, 2015, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Contact Barry Dahlberg, Berrien Springs, MI 49103, 708-203-1445,

USS Eldorado

September 22–25, 2015, Baltimore, Maryland. Contact Stan Davis, 114 N. Meadow Drive, Glen Burnie, MD, 410-768-8408, 410-903-6494,

USS Rushmore Association

September 16–20, 2015, San Antonio, Texas. Contact Richard C. Phillips, 19147 Grenelefe Ct., North Fort Myers, FL 33903, 239-599-2450.

USS Stribling (DD-867)

September 17–20, 2015, Mayport, Florida. Contact HMCS (SW) Tom Miller, USN (Ret.), 304 Thornhill Drive Braselton, GA 30517, 706-824-0166,

USS Towers (DDG-9)

September 15–20, 2015, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Contact Raymond Wong, 1634 38th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94122, 415-566-7285,

Members can post reunions online at, submit to or mail to: FRA Reunions, 125 N. West St., Alexandria, Virginia, 22314.
Reunions are a Great Recruiting Opportunity!

If you’re hosting or attending a reunion, please consider how many prospective FRA members will also be there! FRA has published a prospective member brochure with an information request form and a “thank you for your service” reference card included. You can easily talk through benefits of membership with the prospect using this card and offer NewsBytes or one of the FRA guides, provided by filling out the information card. For their convenience, they can keep the list of benefits on one side and a handy list of information sources on the other.

These work great for one-to-one conversations with someone you know is eligible for membership (at least one day of enlisted service in the Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard). You can request these brochures or other items for your reunion from FRA Member Services, at 1-800-372-1924, or Reunions are great places to recruit — if you’d like additional information or ideas for your reunion, please contact us!
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Looking for…

Admiral George E. R. Kinnear II

I was his flag writer from 1972 to 1980. Please contact Floyd S. Hawkins Jr. at PO Box 705, Oak Harbor, WA 98277, or 360-675-6809.

HMC Samuel Pack

Last seen on the USS Midway. Please contact HMC (Ret.) Roger Moor at 1211 Severns Lane, Paradise, CA 95969, 530-872-5042 or

All Looking For … notices must be submitted in writing. Members can submit requests via e-mail to or in writing to FRA Looking For, 125 N. West St., Alexandria, VA 22314. Questions regarding reunion submissions should be directed to 1-800-FRA-1924, ext. 126.

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BRANCH 8 Vallejo, California,
BRANCH 101 Santa Clara, California,
BRANCH 230 Roseville, California,
BRANCH 275 Placerville, California,
BRANCH 296 Auburn, California

FRA shipmates and Auxiliary members from around California participated in dedicating a monument at Sacramento Valley National Cemetery.

BRANCH 136 Minneapolis, Minnesota

Branch Vice President Gene Jarnigan (right) presented a 40-year continuous membership pin and certificate to Shipmate Edward Kruse. Ed was one of the original members of the “Chuting Stars” from 1961–64, part of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels.

BRANCH 251 Mountain Home, Arkansas

Presentation of 2014–15 Americanism essay contest awards to junior high students from Gainesville, Missouri. Pictured (l to r) are Mrs. Barnett, English teacher and counselor; 7th grade first place local winner and second place in the FRA SC Region winner Danielle Cummings; Jaxon Britt, third place local winner; Matt Dunn, 8th grade third place local winner; Eli James Amyx, 8th grade first place local winner; and branch Essay Chairman Dave Waggoner.

BRANCH 89 Atlanta, Georgia

2015 Americanism essay contest winners receiving their certificates and awards: pictured (l to r) are Branch President Wayne Barron; Nadia Hopkins, local and regional winner, 10th grade; Casey Burdett, local winner, 9th grade; Madison Macaulay, local and regional winner, and 2nd place Nationally, 12th grade; Ellie Montgomery, local winner and 2nd place region, 7th grade; Mac Bloodworth, local winner, 8th grade; Timothy Dzimianski, local winner, 11th grade; and Ernie Rose, Branch 89 Essay Contest Chairman.

BRANCH 156 Brunswick, Maine

Branch President Read Rich drove his 1960 MGA in the Topsham-Brunswick, Maine 2015 Memorial Day parade. Branch Chaplain Armand Larochelle rode along.

BRANCH 276 Omaha, Nebraska

Memorial Day Services were held at the Louis & Clark Landing May 25, 2015. Representing the USAF: MSGT Dan Shelby, USAF (Ret.); USN: S/M PO1 Earl Jones, USN (Ret.); USCG: PO1 Dan Wolterman, USCG; guest speaker CDR Butch Kirkland, USN (Ret.); USMC: CAPT Sean Wolterman, USMC; USA: Harvey Funk, USA; S/M Larry Poffenbarger (Chaplain); S/M Jim Black (Chairman); S/M President Carl Burnham; S/M Past Secretary Francis A. Schrotberger

BRANCH 295 San Angelo, Texas

Presentation of the 2014–15 FRA National Essay Contest Awards to Ruth Mitchell, 8th Grader at Crockett Middle School in Pecos, Texas. Ruth won Branch 201 8th Grade First Place, South Central Regional 8th Grade First Place, and FRA National 2nd Place. Pictured (l to r) are Branch 295 President Ralph Mathews, Alicia Mitchell (mother of Ruth & Assistant Principal at Austin Elementary School in Pecos, TX), Ruth Mitchell, Kevin Mitchell (father of Ruth & Pastor at the First Baptist Church of Pecos, Texas), and former Branch 295 Secretary Terry Cook, USN (Ret.).

BRANCH 294 Crossville, Tennessee

Branch President Jack Fogel was presented with a Quilt of Valor ( to honor his 26 years of military service, including 4 ½ years in Vietnam. Fogel served as a Navy Seal Team member and as a Boat Captain on the U.S. Navy small river patrol boats (PBRs) and River Assault Craft. Shipmate Fogel’s medals and awards are too numerous to list — he exemplifies the true values of an American Soldier, Sailor, Marine and Aviator.

BRANCH 296 Auburn, California

PNP Gary Blackburn (l) presents a pin and certificate to Howard “Hap” Arnold, Past Branch President, for 40 years of continuous FRA membership.

BRANCH 93  Patuxent River, Maryland

Branch and Unit present a $500 check to the LAFRA for the NP 2015 Project “Building Homes for Heroes.”  Pictured are (front, l to r) Unit President Shirley Vatter, Secretary-Treasurer Karen Brobst, Unit Board member Marylou Siebenkas, Bonnie Wood, (back, l to r) Branch Treasurer Otis DeLoach, Branch Secretary Dale Sparkman, Branch President Tom Vatter, and Unit BOD member Jeani Carberry. “Building Homes For Heroes” is a nationwide program for the construction of mortgage-free customized homes for wounded veterans and their families.

To submit a photo for News from the Branches, please e-mail a photo as an attachment in jpeg format to or mail a high-quality photograph to FRA Today, 125 N. West Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. Please include a brief description of the photograph and include the names of those pictured. Laser prints and scanned copies of photographs cannot be accepted.
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Message from the North Central Regional President Chris Drew

Greetings to you from the North Central Region (NCR) of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Fleet Reserve Association (LA FRA), also known as the Auxiliary of the Fleet Reserve Association (AFRA).

As of the May 2015 membership report, we in the NCR are a membership of 400 important people. This is a number that, if we are fortunate, remains stable; if we are incredibly fortunate, rises slightly; and if we are “normal,” drops more than we like.

Why are these people important in your and my life? They understand what we live. These are (mostly) sisters in a family of choice. These are people who have lived lives similar to yours and mine, who know what it’s like to pack up and move frequently, who change schools mid-year or have that happen to their children, who know what it’s like when a spouse or father is gone for periods of time, sometimes on short notice, to God knows where. People who love their country. People who look out for each other.

These important people don’t only live in the North Central Region. They are scattered all over this great land, in seven other regions of the LA FRA. And there is room for you!

Why would you want to join this group? You will make friends like you’ve never known before. The connections are special, and social connections are important for good mental health. Being a member affords you an opportunity to be a local, regional, or national officer, allowing you room for personal growth in the areas of administration, public speaking, and educational (on-the-job) experiences you’d not have otherwise. Membership in the LA FRA is taken into consideration when the Fleet Reserve Association lobbies Congress on behalf of military benefits. YOU COUNT. So it’s good to be a member, even if “just” a card-carrying member, because these benefits matter to you. Statistically wives outlive husbands, and if you are widowed, you don’t matter to Congress if you’re not a member of LA FRA.

Membership in the LA FRA is farther reaching, however. Who can join? Spouses, parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, children, stepchildren and grandchildren not less than 16 years of age of members of the Fleet Reserve Association (FRA) and widows, widowers, parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, children, stepchildren and grandchildren not less than 16 years of age of persons who were members at the time of death or eligible to be members of the Fleet Reserve Association at the time of death. These members may not be directly affected by Congressional actions, but their memberships support and in a very real way say “thank you for your service” to the special FRA shipmate.

Years ago the Village People told us “It’s fun to stay at the Y M C A.” As a member of this organization, I can say with all my heart that “It’s fun to be in the A F R A.”* Please join me.

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