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Youth Activities

The FRA Youth Activities program is an excellent opportunity for shipmates to focus on our future leaders. The purpose of the program is to serve the youth in local communities and guide the young generation in their endeavors to become better and more productive citizens. To make this program work, it is up to our shipmates to become involved in programs such as scouting, athletic teams, science and technology clubs and youth military programs, as well as tutoring and mentoring. Here are some recent highlights of FRA’s involvement in youth activities.

Several branches support youth military programs, which help to build character and promote mental, moral, and physical development. The most notable youth military programs are high school Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC), Sea Cadets and Young Marines. The Young Marines, for example, is open to all youth ages 8 through completion of high school. Membership requires the student to be in good standing in school. There are currently 300 units with 10,000 youth and 3,000 adult volunteers in 40 states, the District of Columbia, and Japan. Many of our shipmates volunteer hours, give donations and present awards to cadets who have achieved greatness. If you would like more information about the Young Marines, go to

Sponsoring sporting events for youth participation is another wonderful opportunity to create a spirit of competitiveness and camaraderie among future leaders. Many of our branches support Little League, youth football, basketball and soccer, Soap Box Derby, martial arts teams, and more. Shipmate Anthony Jackson, secretary of Branch 6 (Baltimore, Maryland) was presented the 2014 Shipmate of the Year award in Youth Activities for his support of the Riley Hawkins Avengers Karate Club. He volunteered over 1,000 hours of his time and donated $1,300 to purchase uniforms and other supplies for the participants. More than 45 students (age seven and above) learn martial arts skills, including team building and self-discipline, that apply throughout their lives.

The Soap Box Derby team sponsored by Branch 24 in Annapolis has been competing in the District of Columbia competition for more than 15 years. PRPEC Don Hoover, along with branch and unit members and other volunteers, assists the youth in preparing the cars and themselves for the competition. Two participants will represent the FRA at the 2015 All American Soap Box Derby in Akron, Ohio. Here’s hoping they win first place in their respective car classes!

Scouting for both girls and boys is always a sure winner for our shipmates to support young people in their local communities, but there are other, non-traditional ways to be involved with youth activities. Participating in a Youth ID program in conjunction with your local police department is one such program, offering parents a way to document their children’s personal information for use if a child should be lost or missing.

Speaking of unique ways to participate, how about volunteering to mentor a high school robotics team? Shipmate Michael Hurst (Branch 24, Annapolis, Maryland) is an engineering mentor for the Wheaton High School First Robotics Competition (FRC) Team 5115. The team has only been in existence for two years, but made a good showing in the 2015 Chesapeake Regional FIRST Robotics Competition in April, competing against larger and more experienced teams to design and build a robot. Shipmate Hurst volunteered more than 100 hours to assist the team and he is seeking other volunteers in the local community to work with the team for the 2016 competition.

FRA’s annual Americanism Essay Contest is another way to support area youth, as is involvement with area Toys 4 Tots toy drives in local communities. Support your youth programs to the max because the growth of our future leaders depends on your mentoring, tutoring, expertise and knowledge of life. Make it count!
Penny Collins is FRA’s Director of Membership Development and a member of FRA Branch 24 in Annapolis, Md. She can be reached at

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FRA New Life Members

FRA congratulates the following shipmates who have become Life Members during the second quarter of 2015, including their branch number or their designation as a Member-at-Large (MAL). Call 1-800-FRA-1924 to learn how you can become a Life Member of FRA.

APRIL 2015

Wilbert Jones 292

Ronald D. Keenan 060

Rocky Clark 061

Bruce S. Hill 093

Tim French 166

Omar L. Meyer 110

George W. Livendale MAL

Odean D. Miller 260

Ralph J. Thummel 022

Raymond O. Culpepper 264

David D. Diamond MAL

David Feller 162

Eric L. Hann MAL

Allen L. Blue MAL

William R. Phillips 005

Robert P. Johnson 093

Merritt G. Ervin MAL

Wayne L. Koser 040

Robert J. Campbell 013

Jackie L. Smith MAL

Arthur M. Evans 188

Edwin S. Ward 061

James A. Johnson, Jr 091

Bruce C. Carawon 126

Chris Lindemann MAL

Raymond .J Hart 060

Rolan C. Harroun 022

Allen C. Berryhill MAL

Richard L. Gardner 192

Evelyn S. Eyster 053

Gary T. Sellers 281

Karene Pouesi 302

Walfrido Tobias Napiza 171

Arturo M. Mendoza 171

James G. Larson MAL

Phillip C. Simmons MAL

Larry E. Hyche 001

Gaylord McKoy 067

William J. Landsittel 091

John R. Meyers MAL

Larry Alan Gray 367

George F. Marshall 367

Sterling D. Smith 008

Robert K. Simons MAL

James R. Patten 290

Robert C. Tinsley MAL

Sanford H. Russell MAL

Jon .D Aussey 099

Jerry A. Singer 161

Joseph K .Fryar 046

MAY 2015

Jeffery M. Fuller 367

Thomas E. Hunter MAL

John Worsley MAL

Robert H. Clark MAL

Barry L. Chase MAL

Jorge L. Cuadrado 051

Primitivo A. Dequilla 029

Jeffrey C .Myers MAL

Betty R. Myers MAL

Michael C. Cormican MAL

Bruce Burnett 170

John M. Broughton 290

William F. Ryals 024

Russell .A Farnsworth MAL

Robert E. French 170

Roy C. Miller 059

Thomas C. Templeton MAL

John F. Bird 077

David J. Nelson 061

Alberto D. Espiritu 008

David A. Wheeler 298

John S. Purdy 024

Charles E. Frederick MAL

Edward A. Ford 208

J. C. Price 011

Roger M. Leach 022

James A. Covas, Jr. MAL

James D. Beattie, Jr. 057

Robert Gokey MAL

Juan Quidachay MAL

C. E. Van Ness MAL

David J. Morgan MAL

Kenneth J. Davenport MAL

Kenneth J. Szczublewski 024

Timothy G. Seipp 046

Kevin J. Bradley 046

Reid D. Morris 046

Ron Ramsey 061

Emory T. Fraker, Jr. 261

Darryl B. Pittman 103

John L. Thornton MAL

Tom Wilbur 024

Robert R. Price MAL

Donald C. Edwards 011

Milton Hnyla 091

Floyd J. Smith 059

James R. Scott 207

Howard Lang MAL

Jerry Tipton 334

Remo Dela Pena 115

Dickie D. Dunn MAL

George F. Meyer 208

Darrell L. Cole 099

James A. Sagerholm 024

Voytle V. Shackelford 210

Antonio Dominquez 094

Hubert E. Lorance 175

William H. Janzen 175

Thomas T. Thaggard 289

Roy D. Armentrout 101

Raymond E. Hamaker 227

Lawrence W. Severin 001

Alexander Newkirk 005

Jerry D. Toney 290

Robert W. McQuaid MAL

Samuel A. Bates, Jr. 166

JUNE 2015

Danny J. Gray MAL

Jerome P. Lickteig 161

William H. Rowe 185

Allen F. Bell 156

John E. Strattard MAL

James Pierce MAL

William C. Oberg 136

James A. Collins 042

Benjamin D. Casuga, Jr. 154

David L. Kolonko 201

Felipe C. Diaz 166

William C. Therrell 126

Leonard F. Liebe MAL

Victor N. Gage 136

Lloyd H. Traaen MAL

William E.Schultz 275

Lawrence Fletes 269

Mark R. Melton 090

John W. Thiel 077

John R. Miller MAL

James E. Swann, Jr. 024

Richard Lovas 310

Leon C. Haddock 250

Douglas E. Schafer 024

Charles R. Pinney 307

Jerry D. Montanya MAL

Douglas S. Borrebach 024

Paul O. Milton 008

Richard C. Heuer MAL

Edward Zeman 216

Thomas D. Gelwicks MAL

Joseph A. Moledo 175

Phillip R. Legan MAL

Patrick J. McIntyre, Jr. 086

Ralph E. Turnbull 042

John A. Mueller MAL

Wayne J. Oliveira 127

Robert P. Brillante 024

Dale E. Ebersold 130

Donald Mayo 086

James L. Gore 120

Robert W. Atchison 060

Steven Delancy MAL

Keith D. Surface MAL

Timothy Ciciora 290

James E. Hutson MAL

Jose Y. Basco, Jr. MAL

Frank S Brunt 091

Kenneth W. Murray MAL

John .H Plourde 261

Thomas .J Snee 181

Robert J. Gillett MAL

Kenneth R. Rember MAL

Richard L. Mays 194

Anita L. Brt MAL

Jose R. Brambila 166

Michael J. Mrsny MAL

Amber Rechsteiner 103

Joseph V. Neureiter MAL

Anthony J. Rendine MAL

W. Paul Carver MAL

Matthew G. Mainwaring MAL

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