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FRA Regional Conventions

East Coast Region: July 2325

Host: Branch 259

Holiday Inn Fayetteville I-95, Fayetteville, North Carolina

Contact: Joe Palmer, PRPEC, FRA Chairman: 910-424-2334,

Ellen Milewski, LA FRA Chairman: 910-875-5481,
Southwest Region: August 89

Host: Branch and Unit 70

Riverside Resort, Laughlin, Nevada 

Contact: RSSW Darvin Dalrymple at 619-992-9886,

Unit VP Michelle Caston at 760-803-5656,
South Central Region: August 1216

Host: Branch and Unit 98

Shreveport Downtown Hotel, Shreveport, Louisiana

Contact: PRPSC Bob Holcomb at 512-295-3691, or

Aux RPSC Joan Miller at 512-863-9692,
North Central Region: August 1619

Host: FRA NCR Gray Hats

The Stone Castle Hotel and Conference Center, Branson, Missouri

Contact: PRPNC Marty Posekany: 616-225-9264,

PRPNC Ginny Bowers: 740-522-6803,
Southeast: September 10–13

Host: Branch and Unit 269

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel & Suites Charleston Air, North Charleston, South Carolina

Contact: Convention Chairman: Chuck Hines 843-813-1615,

LAFRA Chairman: Mary Lopez 843-696-5828,

Candidates: RPSE: Shipmate Dave Davis, Branch 290

RVPSE: Shipmate Chuck Hines, Branch 269
West Coast Region: August 2022

Host: Branch 192 and Branch and Unit 137

Gold Dust West Hotel and Casino, Carson City, Nevada

Contact: PRPWC Patrick LeClaire at 775-423-4168, or

Aux PRPWC Kathy Goheen at 775-781-4108,

Candidates: RPWC PRPWC Patrick LeClaire

RVPWC: Shipmate Rick Athenour, Br. 137
Shipmate Roland Shorter Jr., Br. 008
Northeast/New England Region: September 18  19

Host: Branch 20

Groton Inn & Suites, Groton, Connecticut

Contact: (No contact)

Candidates: Open (No resolutions submitted)
Northwest Region: September 1112

Host: Branch and Unit 18

Embassy Suites Hotel, Lynnewood, Washington

Contact: PRPNW Jerry Jordan: 425-672-0871,

LAFRA Convention Chair: Sara Hicks: 206-362-4835,

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Allen, Robert R, LCDR, USN 024

Arestad, Theodore, MCPO, USN 174

Banks, Charles G, OSCS, USN MAL

Barrett, Donald L, MMCM, USN 070

Blaine, Richard T, CECS, USN 311

Blanchard, Charles, BT1, USN 214

Bowers, Nelson W, ACCS, USN MAL

Brizius, George E, MSCM(SS), USN 293

Brown, Kenith A, DKCS, USN MAL

Burkhart, Fred A, HMCM, USN MAL

Carsten, Thomas A, CPO, USN MAL

Chase, Albert G, BMC, USN 022

Clark, Glenn A, MRC, USN MAL

Collins, Edward A, CPO, USCG 194

Cooley, John D, USN 070

Coombs, Donald E, YNC, USN 031

Diffenderfer, Eugene A, SKCS, USN 115

Dombus, Andrew F, MMCS, USN 175

Doster, Grover C, COL, USMC 208

Dummitt, Dave, ENCS, USN 038

Dunphy, Leo W, ASC, USN MAL
Elder, George P, PO1, USN MAL

Eskridge, James, ADRC, USN MAL

Finkle, Terry M, GYSGT, USMC 181

Finney, Walter W, RMCM/SS, USN 005

Ganis, Benjamin F, MCPO, USN 022

Ghent, Douglas R, PNC, USN 053

Graham, John H, DKC, USN 229

Green, William F, EOC, USN MAL

Grice, Robert L, ACCS, USN MAL
Harman, Cecil B, ACCM, USN 186

Harris, Raymond H, ADJC, USN 022

Hess, Robert W, YN2, USN 292

Hipp, Lloyd F, ABH1, USN 086

Hirschauer, Robert L, EOC, USNR 028

Holmes, James A, BTCM, USN 029

Iozzo, James, MMCM, USN 307

Jackson, Carroll, EMCS, USNR 276

James, Norman A, AGC, USN MAL

Johnson, William C, CS1, USN 344

Keane, Paul F, BM2, USN 072

Kerns, Ellis R, BM1, USN 194

Kinser, Robert H, ADJ2, USN 280

Klag, Narcy H, CS1, USN 182

Kline, William B, AOC, USN 018
Langan, Paul J, BTC, USN 290

Lightcap, Robert M, AVCM, USN 091

Lindsey, William R, QMC, USN 257
Martinez, Antonio L, SK1, USN 178

McBriar, John A, TM1(SS), USN 170

Melton, John W, GMC, USN 234

Moore, George W, GMG1, USN 175

Morgana, Richard J, MSC(SS), USN MAL

Morton, Donald R, MSC, USN 229

Murphy, John A, SGTMAJ, USMC 208
Newton, Bobby, YNC, USN MAL
Palmer, Richard W, ASCS, USN MAL

Peterson, K F, QMCM, USN 136

Poirier, Donald W, PO1, USN 146

Price, Donald H, DCCS(SW), USN 269

Price, John E, RDC, USN 267

Pulizzi, Leonardo, MRCM, USN MAL

Rasmussen, Darrell, AMSC, USN 022

Rinaldi, Dennis L, BT1, USN 115

Robbins, Harold C, ADRC, USN MAL

Rosario, Arturo G, USN 269

Ryan, James D, USN MAL
Scallan, Walter J, PHCM, USN 092

Scanlon, John, AOCS, USN MAL

Smedberg, Gerald R, EOCS, USN 273

Spry, David R, CPL, USMC 276

Swinney, Sterling P, PNC, USN 094
Van Allen, Dale L, ADR1, USN MAL

Vaught, Robert E, BMC, USN 275

Vigeant, Henry B, CPO, USN 285
Whitaker, Carol S, USN MAL

Whitley, Joe K, RMCM, USN 346

Wilson, Grady C, AMSC, USN 098

Worrell, Joe A, BMC, USN 022

Wyne, Philip W, LT, USN 005
Young, Fred L, YNCM(SS), USN MAL

Younger, Jimmie E, USN 113

Zuccaro, Anthony, QMCM, USN 024

Names in red indicate 50 year continuous members. Names in bold indicate Past National Officers.

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18th Navy Lithographers Association

October 21–24, 2015, Nashville, Thennessee. Contact John Belrose, 540-785-8250,

Aviation Logistics Marines

October 8 –10, 2015, The Villages, Florida. Contact Don Davis, 6211 Ingalls St., Melbourne, FL 32940, 321-978-5147,

Corpsman United, USN

August 20–23, 2015, Branson, Missouri. Contact Jim Bishop, 313 Sioux Rd., Bristol, VA 24201, 276-698-0018,

National Chief Petty Officers & Florida Chief Petty Officer Association’s Joint Convention and Fling

October 7–11, 2015, Las Vegas, Nevada. Contact Bob Mccauley,

OM-IM Association, Inc.

October 1– 4, 2015, San Diego, California. Contact John Bryan, 706-339-5905,

Patrol Squadron 23

July 24–26, 2015, Brunswick, Maine. Contact Jon Jewett, 603-770-0715,

USS DeHaven (DD-727)

September 1– 5, 2015, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Contact Jim Riggen, 2606 Jefferson Ave., Joplin, MO 64804, 417-624-5718,

USS James E. Kyes (DD-787)

September 24 –27, 2015, Charleston South Carolina. Contact Rick Warden, 1714 Sophia St., Carthage, MO 64836, 417-358-2505,

USS Joseph Strauss (DDG-16)

November 7–12, 2015, Branson, Missouri. Contact Jim Hansen, 719-488-4443,

USS Kaskaskia (AO-27)

September 23–27, 2015, San Antonio, Thexas. Contact James Danley, 918-967-2565.

USS Kitty Hawk (CVA/CV63)

October 5 – 8, 2015, Las Vegas, Nevada. Contact Jim Melka, 319-934-4416,

USS Liberty

June 19 –21, 2015, Manistee, Michigan. Contact 386-446-6855 or

USS Perkins (DD-26, DD-377, DDR-877)

September 9 –13, 2015, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Contact Amy Keenan, 719-205-9721,

USS Persistent (MSO-491)

October 15 –18, 2015, Branson, Missouri. Contact Nelson Arroyo, 619 Highlander Ave., Placentia, CA 92870, 714-524-1747,

USS Piedmont (AD-17)

September 16 –20, 2015, Albany, New York. Contact Kent Thomas, 7800 W. 158 St., Overland Park, KS 66223, 913-381-8934,

USS Richard L Page (DEF/FFG-5)

September 24 –27, 2015, San Antonio, Texas. Contact Dale Kerkman, 262-878-1714,

USS Sea Cat (SS-399)

October 19 – 23, 2015, Mobile, Alabama. Contact Ed Hymer, 1114 Elm Ave., Norwalk, IA 50211, 515-981-3006.

USS Stonewall Jackson (SSBN-634)

September 9 –12, 2015, San Antonio, Texas. Contact Jeff Morris, 723 Little Creek Dr., Duncanville, TX 75116, 972-298-8807,

VF-11 Red Rippers

August 24 – 28, 2015, Pensacola, Florida. Contact Jeff Thompson, 319-395-0646,

VR-22 Reunion Group

October 14 –18, 2015, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Contact Gene M. Shonkwiler, 863-969-3850,

Members can post reunions online at, submit to or mail to: FRA Reunions, 125 N. West St., Alexandria, Virginia, 22314.
Reunions are a Great Recruiting Opportunity!

If you’re hosting or attending a reunion, please consider how many prospective FRA members will also be there! FRA has published a prospective member brochure with an information request form and a “thank you for your service” reference card included. You can easily talk through benefits of membership with the prospect using this card and offer NewsBytes or one of the FRA guides, provided by filling out the information card. For their convenience, they can keep the list of benefits on one side and a handy list of information sources on the other.

These work great for one-to-one conversations with someone you know is eligible for membership (at least one day of enlisted service in the Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard). You can request these brochures or other items for your reunion from FRA Member Services, at 1-800-372-1924, or Reunions are great places to recruit — if you’d like additional information or ideas for your reunion, please contact us!
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BRANCH 182 Bethesda, Maryland

Congratulations to Shipmate John Sasso for celebrating 40 years of continuous FRA membership. Shown (l to r) are Shipmates Randy Philip, John Wooditch, Branch President Keith Kaider, Sasso, Mark Allen and Thomas “Tom” Rausch.

BRANCH 72 Falls River, Massachussetts

Branch President William Bailey welcomes new member, Arthur G. Caesar, to the branch at its regular monthly meeting. Shipmate Caesar is a 10-year veteran, having served six years in the Marine Corps and four years in the Navy Seabees. He is the Veterans’ Agent for the town of Westport and is also an elected constable.

BRANCH 112 Birmingham, Alabama

Branch President Garland Odell had the pleasure of recognizing Shipmate Charles Tamborino as he marked his 50 years of continuous FRA membership. Shipmate Charles’ wife Diane, their daughter Beth and her husband Michael Fritts, their grandchildren Megan and John David Fritts and Branch Vice President Rosalind Fazel were also present for the ceremony.

BRANCH 226 Staten Island, New york

During an all-hands meeting of USCGG Sector New York, the chief petty officers selected MST3 Monica Spies as Enlisted Person of The Quarter. Captain Loebl, Command Master Chief Heimberger and Branch President Jim Brown present Spies with a plaque, gift certificate and complimentary membership in the FRA.

BRANCH 124 Lakehurst, New Jersey

Shown (l to r) are Branch President William Anthony as he congratulates the Northeast/New England Region’s Shipmate of the Year for Health, Welfare and Rehabilitation Robert A. Johnson on his success. RPNE/NEng Floyd Hunt and Awards Chairman William McLane look on. (This caption appeared in the April 2015 issue with an incorrect photo. We sincerely apologize for the error and any confusion it caused.)

BRANCH 13 Atlantic City, New jersey

Shipmates Matthew Miller and Robert Campbell, along with former Congressman Patrick Murphy (Pa.), were installed as honor members of the Chapel of the Four Chaplains in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Pictured (l to r) are Christine Beady, Executive Director of the Chapel of the Four Chaplains; Mr. and Mrs. Miller (receiving the Legion of Honor Award on behalf of son Matthew); former Congressman Patrick Murphy (Pennsylvania); Robert Campbell, USN (Ret.); and Capt. Lou Cavaliere, USN (Ret.), Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Branch President Robert Bean (far right) and Secretary Margret Burke (far left) flank Evergreen Middle School students who competed in FRA’s Americanism Essay Contest. Shown (l to r) are Julia Fritz (1st place, 7th grade), Blake Bulock (3rd place, 8th grade), Hayden Nolting (1st place, 8th grade) and Ashley Jensen (essay contest participant).
BRANCH 316 Springfield, Missouri

Branch Secretary Chuck Ewy poses with Cub Scout Pack 694, which the branch sponsors.

BRANCH 267 Greater St. Louis, Missouri

Shipmates and Auxiliary members presented donation checks to the USO at Lambert International Airport in St. Louis. Pictured (l to r) are S/M Dale Ferrington, S/M John Schnohorst, Shirley Ferrington, Vi Taylor, Unit President Linda Schnohorst , S/M John Hollowood, Marge (friend of S/M Piva), S/M Jerry Piva, Barb Skates (holding check), S/M Jerry Hessel, USO Executive Director Kathy O’Connor, Branch President Robert Hudson (holding check), PRPNC John Partin, Betty Schnohorst, Unit Historian Pat Brown and S/M James Taylor (kneeling).

BRANCH 156 Brunswick, Maine

Congratulations to Americanism Essay Contest winner Timothy St. Pierre, whose essay advanced to the regional level. RPNE/NEng Floyd Hunt (left) and PRPNEng Paul Loveless (right) presented St. Pierre (center) with a plaque and $100 check.

To submit a photo for News from the Branches, please e-mail a photo as an attachment in jpeg format to or mail a high-quality photograph to FRA Today, 125 N. West Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. Please include a brief description of the photograph and include the names of those pictured. Laser prints and scanned copies of photographs cannot be accepted.
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Message from the National President

Our organization’s Annual Pilgrimage to Arlington National Cemetery took place on April 18, 2015, and as always it was the most heartwarming and solemn occasion. The “Two Bell Ceremony” presented by Shipmates Chris Slawinski and Bob Washington and the prayers presented by our LAFRA National Chaplain Teresa Norton at the Amphitheater were very moving. We enjoyed a beautiful day and a very good turnout of FRA and LAFRA members. It is breathtaking to stand at the top of those stairs and see “The Tomb of the Unknowns”. The pictures below say it all.
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