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What’s Reported?

Keep in mind that only certain types of credit-related items tend to be reported to credit bureaus.


Credit cards

• Mortgages

• Car loans


• Prepaid debit cards

• Utility bills (although some utility companies

report delinquent accounts)

• Steady employment

• Loan prepayments


• Rental histories (most landlords report only tenants with negative histories)

Actions and Consequences

Because payment histories and financial pictures can differ among consumers, it’s impossible to predict exactly how much a financial misstep will hurt your score. But it is possible to categorize bad financial behaviors. Below are some possible consequences of credit-related actions, compiled from information provided by Experian, and



Recovery Time

Applying for a new line of credit, auto loan or student loan

None to mild (10- to 60-point reduction)

Within a year

Single 30-day late bill payment

Mild (10- to 60-point reduction)

Within a year

Multiple credit card issuers requesting your credit report in a 12-month period

Mild to moderate (10- to 100-point reduction)

Could take a year or more

Multiple historical 30-day late payments

Moderate (60- to 100-point reduction)

More than a year

Account sent to collections

Severe (100-point reduction or more)

2 to 10 years, depending on the infraction

High credit-card-utilization rate (your balance compared to your credit limits)

Severe (100 points or more)

Upon improvement of ratio


Severe (100 points or more)

2 to 10 years, depending on the infraction


Severe (100 points or more)

2 to 10 years, depending on the infraction

Short sale

Severe (100 points or more)

2 to 10 years, depending on the infraction

Charge-offs, settlements, collections, loan defaults, accounts going 90 days delinquent or worse, a large number of low-level current delinquencies (30 days, 60 days past due)

Severe (100 points or more)

2 to 10 years, depending on the infraction

Typically, the higher your score, the bigger hit you’ll take with each payment problem. “If you’ve got a superb track record, a misstep is something out of the ordinary,” says JJ Montanaro, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with USAA. “But with a low score, to some extent, negative behaviors have already been factored in.”

How a USAA Secured Credit Card Works

Start building your credit. Opening a certificate of deposit (CD) lets you get a credit card even if you don’t have a credit history or have bad credit.

A secured credit card is a real credit card, not a prepaid or debit card, that helps you build or improve your credit score. When you apply, you’ll also be opening a USAA two-year CD, an interest-earning deposit account that has a two-year term and a $250-minimum initial deposit. Your CD is a security deposit and the money you put in upfront, from $250 to $5,000, is the card’s credit limit. You’ll earn interest on your CD and your deposit is guaranteed to grow. Plus, the money is yours to keep as long as you don’t default on your payments.

*As of 4-15-2015

Lauren Armstrong is the Contributing Editor and Member of the FRA Auxiliary. She can be reached at

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FRA’s Newest Life Members

FRA congratulates the following shipmates who have recently become Life Members. Below are the names and their branches (or MAL if they are a Member-at-Large) of all who became Life Members in the first quarter of 2015. Call 1-800-FRA-1924 to learn how you can become a Life Member.

January 2015

Thomas W Vinson, Jr. 099

Carol Rixon MAL

Billy W Owens 104

David J Mugrage MAL

Earnest Reed, Sr. 034

David C L Butcher 289

William Demmers, Jr. MAL

Joe L Valdez 094

Frederick T Woodley 269

James H Wassmuth 226

Michael D Banner 113

David M Smith 097

Donald R Brown 021

James P Gallagher, Jr. MAL

Thompson Franklin 177

William G Conner 005

Brian J Merenda 367

Billy D Gann 161

Normand G Kelley MAL

Richard K Trabold MAL

James A Akins 093

Samuel W Polk 070

James A Wessol MAL

Rudolph A Kleven 273

Bobby G Harrell MAL

Patrick E Lutz MAL

Charles W Cain 060

Jerry L Weaver 245

Joseph J Mahar 285

Daniel E Neumann 091

Eduardo L Narvaez, Sr. 154

Paul R Wick MAL

Richard L Crank 269

Bobby Coney 278

Ricardo R Gonzales 302

Lenard Deville MAL

Silas Hal Sims 365

Jack R La Roche 099

William L Dunnam MAL

William R Chandler 047

Joseph L Carlton MAL

Romeo F Gumboc 046

Robert L Fullmer MAL

Allen F Capel MAL

Gerald L Gray, Jr. 208

Richard P Mueller MAL

Mark S Pittington 175

Phillip R Curry MAL

Nancy Jean Orth MAL

David D Horvath 141

David Floyd Nuvill II MAL

Arthur J Broussard 371

Wallace M Williams 269

Jesse F Childs 034

Arthur J Hance III 269

David A Balduf 293

Lester F Nelson 104

Larry N Blake 210

February 2015

Joseph H Forbes MAL

John Gilson 046

Charles D Threatt 024

Joseph J Sodomka 022

Joseph H Hill 040

Donald E Gilleland 161

Enio Minervini MAL

Richard A Van Dellen 276

Duane A Andre MAL

Caleb P Bowling MAL

John W Ross 289

Robert Castillo MAL

Thomas J Laronde MAL

Pat Frede 301

Pete T Frede 301

Jack Manthey 053

Earl A Hurlburt, Jr. 067

Julian S Rouch 282

Jerry A Kuykendall 182

Angelino M Mabalot 154

Robert S Miller 324

Carl P Oswald 029

Warren Dautrich 115

Carol E Patterson MAL

Russell E Oestringer 059

Dwight W Cooper MAL

Ronald K Smallman 024

Edward L Ellis 367

Frank Paul Mish 210

Dan J Stephens 090

Daniel E Faulkner 227

Darryl R Currie MAL

John Ratliff 046

Raymond G Lallak MAL

Gary A Burgdoff 022

Francisco G Zayas 091

Michael Thorp 309

Thomas G Egan 147

Bruce Brown 269

Jon E Dahl 267

Eldon F Chittenden MAL

Dennis Engdahl 098

Billy J Ricketts 060

Robert Range MAL

Wendall C Waters MAL

Roy N Hopkins MAL

Dean C Wendt 261

William Nobrega 132

Norman G Schwartz MAL

Juan G Mangosing 099

A H Caughey MAL

Billy E Walker MAL

John H Brandes MAL

March 2015

Wesley A Dietz 020

Gualberto Calafell MAL

Ronald A Mack MAL

Scott A Bernard 024

Martha Klinikowski 126

Alfred M Ripka MAL

Alice M McCabe MAL

Harold J Garland MAL

Stefan L Smolski MAL

Salvador S Valdez 154

Olivia Hooker 226

Dale E Barham 047

James H Hamilton 099

Robert J Miller MAL

Sarah Elhoffer 210

Donald G Scism MAL

Donald W McClure 234

Stephen D Taylor 261

Michael Kendrick MAL

Wayne P Warren MAL

James Wade 062

John S Mayo II MAL

Armand Pilotte MAL

Modesto E Siadto 154

Eduardo T Acayan 126

Alvin A Huggler MAL

William A Eigenbauer 126

Donald L Carnahan 028

Leon Mannes MAL

James C Helton 278

Robert A Johnson 124

Donald D Petersen 269

Arthur W Jones 307

Charles Mahone MAL

Michael Ballard 201

Gordon J Sarver 269

Jason R Gagen 103

Joey M Azuelo 302

Nadia R Kosovych 226

Leon T Troy, Jr. MAL

Grady M Doyle MAL

David G Englehart, Sr. 106

Cameron F Harr 084

William Henry MAL

Jerry M Marts MAL

Diane L Colvin MAL

Daniel W Burger, Jr. 106

Joel McPherson MAL

Leon R Simmons 175

William P Freligh 269

Gary L Keener 060

Bryon V Sullivan MAL

Ronald D Walston 269

Larry D Berg 161

Frank C Yeager 269

Donald Combs 161

Levon M Taylor 161

Ernest E McClellan 170

James D Brt MAL

Tommy G Simmons 289

Arthur F Dott 214

Louis V Wiggins 005

Richard Lescallette MAL

Francis A Tremblay 047

Renato Q Argao 101

Robert L Bishop MAL

Charlie Coggins MAL

Winston E Dowland 046

Martin D Sosa 208

Edward A Trainer, Jr. 094

Franklin L Ragsdale 068

Michael E Buechel 020

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