Communication: Men vs. Women

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Other than speaking, there are different ways of communication that may come across as different from a man or a woman. Who knew that there was a whole other meaning behind a head nod? Men usually assume if a woman nods, then they understand what they are saying and that they agree. If a man nods to a woman, the woman believes that the man isn’t truly listening to her. Women prefer vocal reassurance. When a man nods, it really means he agrees. It is just easier to nod sometimes. When a woman nods, it just means she is listening. This does not necessarily mean she agrees with the man, like he may think it does (Lieberman, S.). A great quote from Simma Lieberman says, “Too often men and women see the differences between each other and make each other wrong, rather than appreciating how they can benefit from those differences.”

Human beings are naturally selfish, whether they know it or not. From the beginning, it was about survival of the fittest and having a dog-eat-dog world. The quote just mentioned by Simma Lieberman is a reminder that sometimes men and woman don’t take each other’s thought into much consideration. This is why the difference in communication is so noticeable, because of reactions.

Another communication difference, not based on vocal, is eye contact. Eye contact is huge in the communication world. It could mean so many different things to different people. Women typically like eye contact more often than men do. Men prefer not to be face-to-face, because they want to seem superior. This is ironic because being superior is often what women avoid (Stewart, L).

“Women use an abundance of non-verbal communication such as making eye contact, gesturing and animated facial expressions, according to psychotherapist Susan Sherwood, Ph.D., in the article, “10 Ways Men and Women Communicate Differently” on A woman often prefers talking while sitting or standing in a cluster of people where everyone is face-to-face. A man prefers talking shoulder-to-shoulder in an angled pattern where he and his friends can take in the room. A woman might gesticulate, raise her eyebrows, incline her head and shrug her shoulders during the conversation. The man often prefers relaxed, sprawled pose and keeps the body language and facial expressions more contained.” (Barr, K.)

Different settings inquire different communication. Men are more often communication in a professional environment. This is where they feel the most comfortable. Women prefer talking while at home or on the phone. (Barr, K.)

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