Communication: Men vs. Women

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Before getting into actual communication, it is important to note that while men are speaking around 12,000 words a day, women are speaking around 25,000. Add a little or subtract a little, but this is factual for the average man and woman (Goldsmith, B.). It is very obvious to see that women tend to have a lot more to say than men do.


Although men and women both have legs, arms, ears, a mouth, two eyes, feet and thumbs; their brains work different ways. It is understood that men and women see the world through “different perspectives (Drobnick, R.)”. They both have completely opposite views on communication. Men like to go into a conversation with a purpose. They like to believe that they are about to solve any problem and/or get any point across that they feel is necessary. Men do not normally enjoy the wishy-washy conversations (Drobnick, R.). Men are known for being the independent gender, and they like to feel that way. Getting caught up in emotional conversations tends to make the typical man feel less-masculine. Men do not like this at all. This is why when men are thought of as tough. Emotion could be uncomfortable for them. (Evans, L.)

Women, in this aspect, are completely different. While men want acknowledgement, women just like to be included in general (Evans, L.). “She uses communication to explore and organize her thoughts — to discover the point of the story. She may not know what information is necessary or excessive until the words come spilling out. But a woman isn’t necessarily searching for a solution when she initiates a conversation. She’s looking for someone to listen and understand what she’s feeling. (Evans, L.)” This is a very important fact to notice about the way women communicate. Women love feeling understood.

“It is interesting to note that women think and feel at the same time, while men can only think or feel (Goldsmith, B).” This quote by Goldsmith is very powerful and influential when it comes to communication between a man and a woman. It is publicly known that women are naturally better multi-taskers than men. Men have the power to think and feel at the same time, but they choose not to. “So it's easy to understand why men have a harder time talking about feelings, it's because they have to switch gears from their head to their hearts. Sometimes when they have to do it very quickly, they may feel like the life is being sucked out of them. (Goldsmith, B.)”


Other than the physical aspects, communication is the biggest difference between a man and a woman. The role of a conversation is viewed differently between men and women. Academic research has found that women use communication to create connections and relationships. This makes sense due to the fact that women tend to be more expressive toward others. Men view a conversation in order to “exert dominance”. Women are often more polite while in a conversation, hoping to create a friendship or a bond. Men may seem duller in a conversation, because they want to be intimidating and dominant. This is why it may seem that men swear more often than woman. (Merchant, K.)

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