Communication: Men vs. Women

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Communication: Men vs. Women

By: Missy Hutchison

Research Paper

SLCC English 1010

Communication: Men vs. Women


This research paper is about the psychology of communication between a man and a woman. The communication between them is very different, and often not understood. Many people have different observations why people act the way that they do, but in this paper you will learn that men and women are simply just different. Studies and researchers have found that men and women have completely different views on what a conversation is, which leads to different perspectives during an actual conversation. Every little thing matters within a conversation, and it will be taught that men and women use physical communication is different ways also. From the beginning of time the communication between a man and a woman has been different and it will forever remain this way, due to your gender. Through lots of research from various sources, there is a lot to be learned. But, in a way it is all connected together how a man and a woman communicate differently.


It is obvious that human beings are different than animals. This doesn’t just mean a physical difference, but a difference in habits and communication. The human race is clearly different than any other species, but who knew humans could be different from each other? Of course there are many sayings on billboards telling people to be different, but this is not what is being intended within this research. There is a different species WITHIN the human race, and this is men and women. Some may argue that your communication has to do with how you were raised and not your gender, this could be true! But there is a clear pattern of communication skills between men and women. Hearing about these patterns and skills will better aware those who read.

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