Committee: specpol topic: Demining To Reduce Civilian Causalities Country

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Topic: Demining To Reduce Civilian Causalities

Country: United States of America

Delegate: Juan Pablo Torres

Kids playing, Elders farming, Women collecting water. are all in danger. Each day you wake up with the fear of losing limbs or even your life, each day you wake up with the feeling of losing your family, we can change this the moment people realize how important demining landmines is. Landmines have impacted the world all throughout a time period of around 80 years. 2014 has a greater impact since countries like china might still a danger since a war could provoke them to sell the land mines causing another world war.  Some types of landmines are Bounding, Fragmentation, and blast.1949 Geneva Convention was created, although nothing much happened it was a start for what came on. 1970 the ICRC was created which stands for (international Committee of the Red Cross). Then after that Protocol V was released which stated that countries that use Landmines, are responsible for removing them. But Protocol II was created 1993, which prohibited the use of certain landmines. Finally the Ottawa treaty was created by Canada and Landmines were finally banned. The purpose is to come to a solution regarding the complete ban of Landmines. My country hopes to achieve a way to prove that landmines are not always a danger to the community if they are handled carefully.

The US Policy consists on getting rid of all the persistent landmines on its arsenal. They will continue to produce and store landmines that self-destruct after a certain time period. These landmines will not be a danger after war.  The US agrees on the complete ban of landmine exports and sales. The US will get rid of mines that cannot be detected, within one year.  My nation agrees to Protocol V as well as protocol II, the reason that the US agrees with Protocol V is because my country agrees to take full responsibility in demining each landmine that they place.. in some conflicts my country used landmines but only for self defense, not any near conflicts. my nation has completely stopped producing anti-personnel weapons and unmanned explosives, my country has not stopped stockpiling on self-destruct landmines (Smart mines) since my country does not agree they are a danger to the community and follows Protocol II.  My country has had past landmines scattered throughout the borders of its territory, but they are now in clearance and all the landmines are almost fully gone. My nation does not agree with the Ottawa treaty and has not yet signed it, since my nation does not agree with the complete ban of landmines since a new prototype has been created which self-destructs after a conflict. My nation continues and will continue to demine other countries since it not only changes the country but the whole world too.

My country would like to propose the solution of a new treaty that consists in allowing the use of non-persistent landmines, also known as “smart” landmines since they self-deactivate after a certain amount of time. This new treaty will also consist in applying health care centers to the most affected areas and in the most populated areas. This new treaty will also ban the exports and marketing of any kind of landmines and deny the use of persistent landmines. Landmines are a danger to the world, but a matter of security as well, landmines don't have to be banned but handled more carefully instead. Thank you delegates that is all.

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