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Vos exemplaria Graeca Nocturna versate manu, versate diurna.” “Peruse the Grecian models night and day.”

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Vos exemplaria Graeca
Nocturna versate manu, versate diurna.”
“Peruse the Grecian models night and day.”

It has always been a prominent feature in the character of a good man, that “his delight is in the law of the Lord and in his law doth he meditate day and night.” — (<190102>Psalm 1:2.) How much more may we reasonably expect that the servant of Christ, who speaks to the — people in the name of his Master, and whose office it is to “shew them that which is written in the Scripture of truth,” (<271021>Daniel 10:21,) shall devoutly and laboriously read the oracles of God! — Ed.

fta78 “Pour l’assemblee des prestres, c’est a dire, des pasteurs et anciens de l’Eglise.” — “For the assembly of presbyters, that is, of the pastors and elders of the Church.”

fta79 “Tau~ta mele>ta, meaning, ‘Exercise thyself in these things, make them thy perpetual care and study;’ both this and the next phrase, (ejn tou>toiv i]sqi,) being, in the best writers, used of diligent attention.” Bloomfield.

fta80 “Mais perseverant jusqu’au bout.” — “But persevering till the end.”

fta81 “Et de se garder pur de tous vices.” — “And to keep himself pure from all vices.”

fta82 “Quand is cheminent et perseverent.”

fta83 “Les Pasteurs et Evesques.” “Pastors and bishops.”

fta84 “From what the Fathers and Greek commentators tell us, it appears that those persons were maintained from the funds of the Church; and from what follows, it is clear that they filled an office; the name ch>rai being as much one of office as dia>conev, though the exact nature of its duties has not been determined. That the persons who held it instructed the younger females in the principles of the Christian faith, is pretty certain; but whether they were, as some say, ‘the same as the deaconesses,’ is yet a disputed point. It would seem that they were not necessarily the same; but that, having once been such, during the life of their husbands, they were not removed from that office. Otherwise, it would seem their duties were different from those of the deaconesses; and if we were to call them by such a name as would designate their chief duties, we might call them ‘Female Catechists.’ That these differed from the deaconesses is certain from the positive testimony of Epiphanius. Yet they might occasionally assist them in their duty of visiting the sick. Be that as it may, the existence of such an order as the ch>rai requires no very strong testimony from ecclesiastical history; since, from the extremely retired life of the women in Greece and other parts of the East, and their almost total separation from the other sex, they would much need the assistance of such a person, who might either convert them to the Christian faith, or farther instruct them in its doctrines and duties.” — Bloomfield.

fta85 “C’est a dire, qu’on oublivit l’amour que nature enseigne.” “That is, that they forgot the love which nature teaches.”

fta86 “This word is compounded of ajnti<, (‘ instead of,’ or, ‘in return for,’) and pelargo<240807>Jeremiah 8:7.) Its name, in the Hebrew, means Mercy, or Piety; and its English name, taken (indirectly at least) from the Greek storgh<, signifying natural affection. This accords with our knowledge of its character, which is remarkable for tenderness, especially in the young towards the old birds. It is not uncommon to see several of the old birds, which are tired and feeble with the long flight, supported at times on the backs of the young; and the peasants (of Jutland) speak of it as well know that such are carefully laid in their old nests, and cherished by the young ones whom they reared the spring before. The stork has long been a peculiar emblem of filial duty.” — Eadie’s Cyclopoedia.

The stork’s an emblem of true piety,

Because when age has seized and made its dame
Unfit for flight, the grateful young one takes
His mother on his back, provides her food,
Repaying thus her tender care of him
Ere he was fit to

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