Coming to the New World

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Journal Activity

“Coming to the New World”

Choose one of the following prompts to write a journal entry. Since you are creating an identity for yourself, you must choose a name and a date/location from which you are writing. Try to put yourself in the mind of your character to think and speak like someone would in the 1500-1600s. Your entry should be at least ¾ of a page, typed, double spaced, or 1 page if you choose to do it by hand. Use the questions to guide your entry.

1.) You are a European settler coming to the “New World” (America). After a difficult and stressful journey across the Atlantic Ocean you finally reach the shoreline and begin unloading your supplies. With a new life ahead of you, you can only imagine what the future will hold.

  • Why did you leave Europe? (economic reasons, religious reasons, political reasons, other reasons)

  • What attracted you to America?

  • Where exactly do you plan to make your new home in America? Why?

  • Did you come with your family? Or are you by yourself?

  • What sorts of challenges do you expect to encounter in the future?

2.) You are a Native American living along the east coast of America. You have heard rumors of white men arriving with large ships and strange clothing. One day you see several ships on the horizon and you realize the rumors are true. Though you cannot be certain, you have a feeling that big changes will be taking place soon.

    • How do you feel about the arrival of the “white man?”

    • Do you think you will end up being friends or enemies with them?

    • How might you help them if they needed something? Would you help them, why or why not?

    • Could they help you in any way? How?

    • Does the “white man” pose a threat to your way of life? How? Or will you be able to live together in peace?

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