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Imagine that you are alive during the Cold War. Write a journal entry as if you are experiencing one of the major events firsthand.

This journal entry must include at least 4 vocabulary words.


Write the words “Cold War” going vertically down your paper.

You will write a fact that goes with each letter in that word.

The fact doesn’t have to start with the first letter of the word, as long as the letter is somewhere in the sentence.

Draw and color a symbol for each fact.

Graffiti Wall

Your wall will represent the East Berlin Side of the Berlin Wall.

Write slogans and draw picture of things protesters would write on the wall.
The graffiti must be colorful and creative.
Include at least 5 vocabulary words.

Poem or Song

Create a poem, song, or rap (Flowcab. style) about the Cold War

The poem/song must include at least 4 vocabulary words.


Think about what you have learned about the Cold War and how you picture it in your head.

Draw your picture of the Cold War.
Then list all of the Cold War vocabulary words that relate to your picture.


Create a cartoon that covers the major events of the Cold War.

The cartoon must include at least 6 frames/pictures.
Each picture/frame must include a caption or word bubbles that explain what is happening.

News Report

Choose one event from the Cold War.

Imagine that you are a radio broadcaster during this time period (1945-1991).
Write a news report that explains the event. Remember, this is something that would be read on the radio!

Cold War Timeline

Create a timeline of Cold War events.

You must include these dates 1945, 1946, 1949, 1950, 1961, 1989, 1991.
You must explain the significance of each date.
You must draw a symbol or picture to represent each date.

Design a T-shirt

Design a t-shirt that could be worn by protestors of the Berlin Wall.

1. Create a slogan for the shirt.
2. Draw a symbol for the shirt.
3. Make it colorful! Be creative!

Cold War Choice Board

Directions: Choose three squares to complete. You must choose from at least two different columns.

Download 11.87 Kb.

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