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Resources for Columbus Day Oct. 11, 2010

Columbus Shape Book or Coloring Page from

Columbus Word Search (15 words) From - Columbus videos

Columbus Day Word Search Puzzle from

Make Words from Christopher Columbus from

Columbus Day Tag This sounds like an interesting game. It requires some pre-game planning and preparation. This is from

Columbus Day and Fall Coloring Scroll to the bottom of the page for Columbus coloring

Columbus Day Coloring from

Color a Caravel (A ship like those used by Columbus) This is from

Columbus' Voyage: Map and Ships Craft Ideas This is from

Columbus Day and Other Fall Activities A variety of activities here. There is a Columbus report form, reading comprehension, a Columbus  shapebook, a wordsearch, and crossword puzzle. This is from

Columbus Day Lessons and Activities

Was Columbus Smart about Safety? 

Free Presentations in PowerPoint format

Christopher's Crossing

A Christopher Columbus Timeline



MORE CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS DAY RESOURCES:  Columbus Day Theme Unit Arts, Crafts, & Activities History, Info, Puzzles, & More  Books & Resources  Resources, Power Points, Activities for Kids, & Teachers Song, Ideas, Links, & Resources Report Form Timeline  History & Info Songs Clipart History & Info  Resources  Resources, Plans, Themes, Tips, Printables  Columbus Day Activities, Lesson Plans  Educational Resources, Theme Units In 1492, Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue  Theme Unit Activities, Lessons, Teaching Resources  Activities, Lessons, Worksheets, Books, Activities, Crafts, Songs, Teacher Resources, Books  Homeschooling Resources  Reader's Theatre  History, Navigation, and Landfall of Columbus  Theme Resources  Native American Perspective Gr. 4-5


Columbus Day Journal & Activity Pages
FREE printable Columbus Day journal & activity pages. (PDF format)

Printable Columbus Day Crossword Puzzle
Create your own Crossword or use our premade word/clue list.

Columbus Day Word Search
Create your own or use our word list.

Printable Columbus Day Match-up Worksheets
Create your printable worksheet from your own matchups or use our premade lists. - contains slideshows, interactive quizzes, printables and references for Columbus Day

Columbus Day
Lesson ideas and information from

Sink or Float?
A K-1 science lesson plan with a read aloud of the book,
Christopher Columbus, by Stephen Krensky. Could be a good choice for a Columbus Day theme.

Columbus Encounters America
A first-grade lesson plan from a unit titled,
Contact: Europe and America Meet.

Columbus Day: Native American Perspective
A lesson plan for 4th/5th grade. See also
Colombus Day: Two Perspectives for a similar intermediate-grade lesson plan.

Columbus Day Theme
Many activities and lesson ideas from A to Z Teacher Stuff.

Columbus Day
A readers theater activity.

What Was Columbus Thinking?
A lesson plan for grades 3-5 from Edsitement.

Should We Celebrate Columbus Day?
In this inquiry-based lesson plan for grades 6-12, students gather information and try to answer this question.

In 1492, Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue
An ESL lesson plan.

The Columbus Navigation Homepage
An elaborate page examining the history, navigation, and landfall of Christopher Columbus. - Columbus webquests – Columbus web hunt

Christopher Columbus: Explorer Grade K to 5 - Enchanted Learning- 7948

This website provides information, reproducible worksheets, maps, diagrams and other educational activities about Christopher Columbus and Columbus Day. Some activities are available for "members only", but most of the learning fun is for everyone.

Columbus Day History and Information Grade K to 6 - - 7950

Christopher Columbus and Columbus Day are celebrated at this website. The site offers easy to read information plus word puzzles (provided at three difficulty levels). There is also an audio clip.

European Voyages of Exploration: Christopher Columbus and the Spanish Empire Grade 3 to 8 - University of Calgary- 7949

This website provides information about Christopher Columbus and an interactive map. Flash is required to utilize the interactive map.

Beacon Learning Center Books On-line Grade 1 to 3 - Beacon Learning Center- 8694

Beacon Learning Center Books On-line offers several books relating to social studies topics such as Franklin Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, the Declaration of Independence and many more historical events. Amid the social studies books is one on simple machines, as well. The on-line books consist of text and pictures. Students read at their own pace by choosing when to go to the next page. Some books have audio, so make sure the speakers are turned on.

Famous People: Christopher Columbus Grade K to 3 - BBC- 7947

This "kid-friendly" website provides an informative slideshow about Christopher Columbus. They also have a short interactive quiz. This site is very appropriate for young elementary students; it provides information, pictures, vocabulary terms and other educational activities.

TeachersFirst's Resources for Columbus Day Grade K to 12 - TeachersFirst- 11717

Find resources and activities appropriate for Columbus Day in this collection from TeachersFirst.

Reader's Theater: Columbus Day Grade 1 to 3 - - 7951

This website provides a simple Reader's Theater script about Columbus Day. There are enough parts in the script to involve all of your students.

Columbus Day Grade 3 to 10 - Vocabulary University- 9900

Use this website to spice up your Columbus Day lessons. There are lesson plans, word puzzles, a wordbank of vocabulary words, extension activities, and more. The puzzles are printable. This site does include some minor advertising.

The Journey of Christopher Columbus Grade 5 to 7 - McGraw-Hill- 6196

Follow Christopher Columbus on his 1492 journey to the new world with this informational site that reveals details of his life before the voyage, excerpts from his journals, a timeline, descriptions of the native people he encountered, and his activities after his return. Nice resource for a unit on explorers.

Christopher Columbus the Genoese Grade 7 to 12 - Texas Council for the Humanities- 6030

This nicely presented online exhibit recreates the life and world of Christopher Columbus. Students can peruse a collection of archival documents, paintings, maps, and images that contrast ancient and contemporary Genoa. After touring the exhibit, students can test their knowledge with a challenging, interactive crossword puzzle. Includes a Columbian chronology and helpful Teacher's Guide. Aligned to standards.

Columbus Day Grade K to 8 - Kaboose- 7946

This all-encompassing website truly has something for every classroom! There are coloring pages, interactive maps, historical information, book lists, information about "the controversy of Columbus", recipes, crafts, higher-level thinking questions, word puzzles, clip art, e-cards and more.

An A-Maize-ing Plant– Corn Grade 2 to 6 - Cheryl McGinness- 7017

  • This simple WebQuest introduces students to the various uses of corn. The task involves "teaching" Christopher Columbus (who has arrived via time capsule) about the many uses of corn. Students are asked to create an oral presentation to share with the class. A detailed rubric is provided.

Games for Kids


Free Columbus Day Games

Make A Quadrant

Find your Longitude

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