Colonial Empires 1870-1914 European imperialism in China

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Colonial Empires 1870-1914

European imperialism in China

file:china imperialism cartoon.jpgfile:capturetianjin.jpg

Chinese fears of partition. The Boxer Rebellion

Colonial Rivalries

file:lecommandantmarchand.jpg moroccan-crisis-kaiser-wilhelm-tangiers-crisis-1905-6

1898 Fashoda in southern Sudan – France vs Britain 1905 and 1911 in Morocco – France and Britain vs Germany

American Imperialism

file:uss olympia manila.jpg file:the administration\'s promises have been kept.jpg

The Battle of Manila Bay 1898 The campaign to re-elect McKinley and Roosevelt Postcard from the US election campaign in 1900.

file:delhidurbar lordcurzon.jpg 1903 Delhi Durbar

The German-British connection


Kaiser Wilhelm II, cousin of King George V of Britain and grandson of Queen Victoria

1905 Kaiser Wilhelm was also a cousin of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia

20140104-dscf9150 germany\'s wilhelm ii and britain\'s king george v horse riding in berlin

A Royal Funeral

file:the nine sovereigns at windsor for the funeral of king edward vii.jpg

Nine Kings at Buckingham Palace 1910 - Most of the crowned heads of Europe, many closely interrelated by birth or marriage, attended the funeral of Edward VII.

The Triple Alliance: Germany, Austria-Hungary & Italy

The 1879 Dual Alliance between Germany and Austria-Hungary became the Triple Alliance when Italy joined in 1882. triple_alliance

Military alliance between France and Russia

Until 1890 France was isolated in Europe. The alliance between Republican France and Tsarist Russia was negotiated from 1891 and signed in 1894.This alliance was a danger to Germany because any future war against France might now become a two-front war.

The End of Britain’s ‘Splendid Isolation’

file:punch anglo-japanese alliance.jpg file:meijiemperorreceivingorderofthegarter1906.jpg

The 1902 treaty between Britain and Japan showed recognition of the modernisation and rising power of Japan; and Britain’s change of policy from ‘splendid isolation’ to seeking allies. This cartoon shows British popular approval of the renewal of the treaty in 1905. In 1906, the Meiji Emperor of Japan was awarded the Order of the Garter as a mark of honour from Britain.

The ‘Entente Cordiale’

file:germany gb france.gif the entente cordiale was signed 8th april 1904

Britain moved further out of isolation by the Entente Cordiale (‘friendly agreement’) with France, negotiated in 1903-1904. A contemporary cartoon satirizes the German view of the French-British ‘rapprochement’, showing disdain for ‘John Bull’ and ‘Marianne’ sneaking off together: In 1908 a Franco-British exhibition demonstrated the close new relationship.

The Great Seaports

1900_bund sarayb

darling_harbour,_1900 dsc06226

The Great Liners

file:colour drawing of the ss kaiser wilhelm der grosse by an unknown painter.jpg france1

Pioneering new routes

file:haydarpasa 1470090 nevit.jpg file:chinese eastern railway-en.svg

file:panama canal under construction, 1907.jpg canal

The Panama Canal was opened in 1914.

file:1901 eastern telegraph cables.png file:guglielmo marconi 1901 wireless signal.jpg

Map of the Eastern Telegraph The first transatlantic radio communication, 1901

Gold Fever

file:chilkootpass steps.jpg file:pilgrim\'s rest02.jpg

Gold-rushers climbing Chilkoot Pass The Uitlander cemetery at Pilgrim’s Rest

file:ellis island 1902.jpg file:débarquement d\'immigrants à la darse sud. port de buenos aires.jpg

Ellis Island, New York, 1902. Immigrants landing at Buenos Airesc1910

The Growth of Cities

and9gctskqfwbj3phbjaw6i2msssvlmyzrw583dsdaf-mm6chd5y8cla5g and9gcsonehg5xkyfmez8dgomj9qj4efgimqpaizijye4kzc4msqemzxaq

The population of Greater Budapest more than trebled in the years between 1880 and 1910, from 300 000 to 1.1 million. Like many other cities I Europe and across the world, the new Budapest attracted foreign investment and became part of the wider global economy.

paris_metro_construction_03300288-3 rio-1900

The Paris Metro under construction Rio de Janeiro c1900

The rise of Banking

file:rothschild schloss.jpg file:morgan, sam.jpg

The Rothschild mansion Cartoon of JP Morgan rescuing the US economy 1907

1905 Bank of Madras

file:the bank of madras.jpeg bank of indochina at saigon, c.1900 (b/w photo)

Bank of Madras (Chennai, India) 1905. Bank of Indochina 1900

shanghai-bund file:imperial bank of china - building - postcard c.1900.jpg

The Bund, Shanghai.c1910 Imperial Bank of China, Beijing 1900

International Exhibitions

file:vue panoramique de l\'exposition universelle de 1900.jpg stlouisworldfairbirdseye

Paris Exposition of 1900 World Fair at St Louis, Missouri in 1904

members of st. petersburg soviet

Leon Trotsky and members of the St Petersburg Soviet, 1905


Revolutionaries in St Petersburg 1905.

Anti-Semitism and Zionism

and9gcrjszybvi6zbmfsgtrebdtsbayv0cf8ofqgg3ogqhu-ag6kuwi9kg kishinev pogrom

Antisemitism was promoted by radical political groups and by journalists such as Edouard Drumont through his magazine Jewish France. In Russia there were frequent outbreaks of violence against Jews, such as the pogrom in Kishinev in 1903.

file:pikiwiki israel 28527 herzl with his kids.jpg

Theodor Herzl, author of the 1896 book The Jewish State, with his children in Austria c1900

Zionism (wanting a Jewish state) was a response to the widespread antisemitism prevalent in much of Europe.

Birth of the Cinema

cinématographe lumière poster from 1895 file:comiquetheatre.jpg

Cinemarographe Lumiere in France in 1905 1910 ‘nickelodeon’ cinemas like the Comique in Toronto, Canada


file:emmeline pankhurst adresses crowd.jpg

Emmeline Pankhurst, leader of the British ‘suffragettes’, addressing a public meeting in New York city in 1913.

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