Cold War and Decolonization

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Cold War and Decolonization
Timeline of significance of Cold War Contest:
1945-United Nations

1946-World Bank

1947-Truman Doctrine

1948-1952-Marshall Plan

1948-1949-Berlin Airlift


1949-Soviet atomic test

1950-1953-Korean War

1952-Hydrogen test

1950's-Brinkmanship:"Smoking ruin" vs. "We Will bury you"

1954-DienBienPhu / Start of Vietnam War

1955-Warsaw Pact


1961-Berlin Wall constructed

1961-Bay of Pigs CIA fail

1962-Cuban Missile Crisis

1965-Gulf of Tonkin Incident

1968-Tet Offensive

1968-Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

1969-Man on the Moon

1970-EC (European Community)

1972-1975-Helsinki Accords

1975-Fall of Saigon




1947-Pakistan-India War over Kashmir

1948-Burma (Myanmar)-British

1949-1965-Sukarno in Indonesia-Dutch

1951-1954-CIA ousts Arbenz in Guatemala for United Fruit Co. interests

1952-MauMau Revolt in Kenya

1955-Bandung Conference of Third World "non-aligned" nations, hosted by Sukarno in Indonesia


1959-1990's-Castro/Che Guevara in Cuba

1960-French West African colonies






Chaotic reigns'60s-90's-Seko in Congo / South Africa Mandela vs. apartheid 50's-90's


Communism in China:
1949-People's Republic of China under Mao Zedong

1958-Great Leap Forward FAIL, death of 30million

1966-1971-Cultural Revolution, policed by Red Guards, death of 1/2million, 3 mill purged

1971-Nixon visits China, who joins UN


Middle East:


1947-UN approves Israel in Palestine lands, 1948-Israel independent, setting Arabs against them for good.

1950's-Iraq, Egypt, Jordan free but still econ. dependent


1967-6 Day War-Israel strikes against Egypt/Syria to prevent attack

1973-US brokers cease-fire between Israel and Egypt

1974-Oil Crisis, as OPEC quadruples prices


Global Trends:

1960's-Green Revolution

1970-Earth Day

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