Codex Adeptus Ministorum

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Codex Adeptus Ministorum

by Dan Nelson

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Mandate of the Emperor

There are few within in the Adeptus Ministorum who doubt that they struggle under the watchful eye and guiding hand of the Emperor. Their burden is the burden of humanity and their actions are the Emperor’s will manifest. And the Emperor does not leave the side of his needful servants. Four times per game the Adeptus Ministorum player may opt to re-roll one die of any dice roll. He may then choose which of the two rolls to use. This may be used for any dice roll that the Adeptus Ministorum player makes but only one die is re-rolled, even in the case of rolls involving multiple dice (i.e.: Leadership tests, warp flux rolls, attack dice rolls, etc.). In addition the Adeptus Ministorum player may use a re-roll to force his opponent to retake an armour save (or re-roll one of the two dice in the case of Terminator or similar armour). In the case of attack dice, the Adeptus Minsitorum’s re-rolls take place after parry and hatred re-rolls. Keep track of the number of re-rolls the Adeptus Ministorum player has with a four-sided die.

Strategy Rating

An Adeptus Ministorum army has a strategy rating of 2. If the force consists entirely of Sororitas, it has a strategy rating of 4.


While never seen in the hands of ordinary troops, Flagellants often carry these unwieldy weapons into battle.

Download 42.6 Kb.

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