Code of practice for students studying abroad introduction

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      1. If the language of tuition at the Host Institution is not English, students must have a minimum B2 level (Common European Reference for Languages) in the Host language.

      2. A B2 level is equivalent to a B grade in Scottish Highers or A-level, although other forms of language acquisition may also be appropriate. The Host Institution may insist on Exchange students meeting the same requirements as their own home students.

      3. Either the Co-ordinator or International Office are required to ascertain the language proficiency of students being nominated for Study Abroad (see website for further information about expected competence levels and provide advice about supplementing language skills. For example, through intensive language courses either prior to the study abroad through courses offered by the University of Edinburgh’s Office of Lifelong Learning or during the study abroad period at the Host Institution. The International Office can also provide advice.

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