Code of practice for students studying abroad introduction

The Colleges are responsible for

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The Colleges are responsible for:

      1. Ranking International Exchange applications

      2. Setting and communicating policies pertaining specifically to students undertaking exchange.

      3. Acting as a point of liaison and determining outcomes for anomalous situations (ie, early returns).


    1. Academic

      1. Students should be aware of the University of Edinburgh academic expectations before they commence a Study Abroad Programme. It is the responsibility of the Exchange Co-ordinator to provide academic information to students.

      2. Students should be expressly advised on:

        1. The number of courses or the number of credits to be undertaken at the Host Institution.

        2. How many of these courses or credits should be in the student’s main area of studies.

        3. The level of the courses to be taken - this will normally equate to the level of study the student would normally be expected to complete at University of Edinburgh.

        4. How the study will be credited to the University of Edinburgh degree.

        5. Each student on a formal programme should receive a Study Abroad Guide and is required to attend a pre-departure briefing meeting run by the International office. Students may also be required to attend a pre-departure meeting for their School.

      3. The academic programme of a student from the University of Edinburgh must be approved by the student’s Co-ordinator (or Personal Tutor, in the absence of a Co-ordinator or designated nominee).

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