Code of practice for students studying abroad introduction

The International Office is responsible for

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The International Office is responsible for:

      1. Providing administrative support for most Study Abroad arrangements including the payment of ERASMUS grants and other Exchange scholarships, and the provision of information about each of the Exchange destinations.

      2. Maintaining a database of all students undertaking Study Abroad Programmes and for the provision of data to the University of Edinburgh on its study abroad activity.

      3. Monitoring balance of flow of students and managing exchange agreements with partner institutions. Exchanges Programmes are expected to achieve a balanced flow of students with the aim of achieving reciprocity of incoming and outgoing numbers over a certain period.

        1. Each year the Exchanges balances are checked by the International Office and the numbers participating each way are negotiated with the Host institutions to ensure reciprocity over a given period.

        2. Erasmus bilateral agreements are managed by the International Office, with annual reviews undertaken in collaboration with Schools.

        3. Undertaking periodic reviews of partnerships at an institutional level, and at a departmental level in conjunction with each School.

        4. The International Office maintains databases of all student flows and participating UoE students and prepares an annual statement for each student exchange/study abroad programme. The statement highlights any problems particularly any persistent or continuing issues raised by students in their evaluation forms.

        5. Subject Area based exchange information is referred to the relevant Subject Area to consider whether or not any action should be taken to amend the terms of the exchange/study abroad.

        6. Preparing student cases for the annual Progression Committee

        7. Retaining student records and documentation for five years (pursuant to University of Edinburgh and Erasmus audit regulations).

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