Code of practice for students studying abroad introduction


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The key roles and responsibilities in relation to Exchanges and Study Abroad Programmes are as follows:

    1. The Student is responsible for:

      1. Making the practical arrangements relating to the Study Abroad Programme which include:

        1. travel arrangements

        2. organising insurance cover

        3. undertaking the application process for admission to the Host Institution

        4. arranging accommodation.

      2. Researching the risks of undertaking their study abroad.

      3. Maintaining contact with their Co-ordinator during the Study Abroad process and advising their Exchange Co-ordinator of any proposed changes to their Study Abroad Programme

      4. Informing the University of Edinburgh of their address and contact details whilst abroad.

      5. Advising the appropriate Co-ordinator, at application stage, if they have a disability which will impact on their Programme.

      6. Ensuring that the Co-ordinator is informed about any Special Circumstances which might impact on the student’s academic performance.

      7. In the case of Erasmus Exchanges or Erasmus Work Placements, students must meet obligations as required under the Charter, and adhere to strict requirements and deadlines pertaining to eligibility of the Erasmus Grant scheme.

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