Code of practice for students studying abroad introduction

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Equality of Opportunity

      1. Study abroad opportunities should be available to all students at the University of Edinburgh who meet the general selection criteria. The International Office can provide advice and guidance and, where required, help can also be sought from the University’s Disability Office.

    1. Review of Exchanges and Study Abroad Programmes

      1. The University’s portfolio of Exchanges and Study Abroad Programmes are reviewed by the International Office on a periodic basis.


    1. The purpose of this Code of Practice is to minimise possible risks to the student, the University of Edinburgh and the Host Institution participating in Exchange and Study Abroad Programmes. The main liability faced, in respect to student activity abroad, lies in a duty of care. This Code of Practice attempts to ensure that proper care is taken by the relevant people in Exchanges and Study Abroad Programmes, the students, Schools, Study Abroad Co-ordinators, Personal Tutors, Student Support Teams and the International Office in order to minimise risks.

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