Code of practice for students studying abroad introduction

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    1. For each approved Exchange and Study Abroad Programme, the University of Edinburgh must assure itself that students will receive a rewarding academic experience appropriate to the degree studied at the Home University. The following processes will aid this assurance:

      1. Careful validation of the academic content, standards and learning outcomes at the Host Institution in relation to the student’s degree programme at the University of Edinburgh.

      2. Regular contact between the Co-ordinator and the student.

      3. A formal mechanism for student evaluation of the study abroad period both during and after the Exchange.

      4. Periodic review of the Exchanges including visits, where appropriate, and monitoring of student evaluations.

      5. It is the responsibility of each School/subject area to undertake and fund a cycle of partner visits for School level agreements, with the expectation that each partner will normally be visited once every three years to check on:

        1. facilities for exchange students (e.g. accommodation, library, computing)

        2. academic issues (e.g. over-subscribed departments, course problems etc)

        3. any difficulties experienced by students personally.

      6. Introduction of a Crisis Management and Emergency Protocol (under development).

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