Code of practice for students studying abroad introduction

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    1. The University of Edinburgh recognises the great value of an international experience as part of a student’s degree.

    1. In recognition of this, target 7.3 of the University’s Strategic Plan sets out the objective of creating 800 new opportunities for our students to gain an international experience as part of their degree.

    1. This Code of Practice outlines the University of Edinburgh’s recommended practice and expected standards in the management of Student Exchange and Work Placement Programmes at the University of Edinburgh, which form the core of international experiences currently offered.

    1. Its purpose is to ensure that students who undertake a study abroad period away from the University of Edinburgh have clear and transparent guidelines about the organisation of their programme.

    1. It also clarifies the roles and responsibilities of those involved in the management and organisation of Study Abroad Programmes, including the roles of Exchange Co-ordinators (Co-ordinator), Personal Tutors, Student Support Teams, Schools, Subject Areas, Colleges, and the International Office.

    1. The Code does not cover:

      1. short-term and non-traditional options or summer schools which can be pursued at either undergraduate or postgraduate level

      2. less formal visits or research arrangements which are commonly pursued at postgraduate level.

      3. Staff Mobility for teaching or training purposes

    1. The structure of the Code of Practice is shown on the next page.

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