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Using your knowledge of Hammurabi’s Code and the basic structure of emerging societies, create your own code of law. Your code of law would be for modern day America. Your law code must address the following topics:

You must write this code of laws as if there were absolutely no laws in place today. Your code will be displayed just as Hammurabi’s was. You will need to write your code on posterboard (no larger than ½ sheet). On a separate paper, give a 1 or 2 sentence explanation as to why each of your laws is necessary and how it benefits the people as a whole. This should be attached to your poster. Your Code of Laws should contain at least 20 entries.

Title your code “Code of _______________”. Fill in the blank with your name.

You will have 1 day in class to work on your code. The rest must be done on your own time. Law codes are due on Friday, September 3.

Download 3.26 Kb.

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