Coalition to Block the North American Union

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Coalition to Block the North American Union

(Title and Organization for identification purposes only)

Howard Phillips — Chairman, The Conservative Caucus

Dr. Jerome Corsi — Author

Mrs. Phyllis Schlafly — President, Eagle Forum
Dr. Carole G. Adams–President, Foundation for American Christian Education

Ted Adams–State Chairman, South Carolina Constitution Party

William H. Ball, Jr. –President, BTI International

Jeffrey C. Becker–Treasurer, Constitution Party of West Virginia

L. Brent Bozell, III–President, Media Research Center

Warren D. Bridges (Sgt. Maj., USA-Ret.)–President, Aloes International, Inc.

Angela Bay Buchanan–Chairman, Team America

Dorothy Q. Bursey–Sanford, North Carolina

Curtis Caine, M.D.–Parliamentarian, Constitution Party National Committee

Mario Calabrese–Secretary, Constitution Party of Virginia

Jim Capo–National Spokesman on Trade Policy, The John Birch Society

Darrell Castle–National Vice Chairman, Constitution Party

Michael Centanni–Chairman, Freedom’s Defense Fund

Amb. Henry F. Cooper–Chairman, High Frontier

Nada Crabtree–American Independent Party of California

Ricardo Davis–State Chairman, Constitution Party of Georgia

Thomas A. DeWeese–President, American Policy Center

Randal O. Dull–State Vice Chairman, Constitution Party of Utah

Timothy A. Duskin–State Committeeman, Constitution Party of Virginia

Penny Ferguson

Clarence L. Frazier–Constitution Party of Kentucky

George E. Ham, P.E.–Independence, Missouri

Clyde J. Harkins–American Constitution Party of Colorado Nominee for Governor

William Hemenway–Candidate for Wisconsin State Treasurer

Mark Hudson–Candidate for U.S. Congress, Utah 1st CD

Joan Hueter — President, American Council for Immigration Reform

Donna Ivanovich–Constitution Party of Missouri

David W. Jones–Treasurer, Constitution Party of New Mexico

Maurice Kane, Esq.–Attorney

Thomas Kilgannon–President, Freedom Alliance

Harvey Lord–Constitution Party of Maine

Carol G. Maddox–Constitution Party of Kentucky

Patricia M. Manning–Constitution Party of Rhode Island

Daniel D. Martin–Carrollton, Illinois

Jack McLain–Southern Area Chairman Constitution Party National Committee

John F. McManus–President, The John Birch Society

Herb Mittelstedt–Constitution Party of North Dakota

Richard F. Norman–President, The Richard Norman Company

Sean O’Hare–President, I Think Technologies

Rev. William Owens–Coalition of African American Pastors

J.A. Parker–President, The Abraham Lincoln Foundation for Public Policy Research

Lowell Patterson–Constitution Party of New Jersey

Robert W. Peck–Chairman, Constitution Party of Washington

Kirt Poovey–Chairman, Kansas Constitution Party

Ann L. Quest–UnityQuest

Col. Ronald D. Ray (USMC-Ret.)–National Spokesman, Coalition of American Veterans

P. Leslie Riley, Jr.–Chairman, Constitution Party of Mississippi

Michael J. Sanders

Abe Siemens–Trustee, The Conservative Caucus Foundation

Chris Simcox–President, Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

William G. Skillman

Denzil W. Sloan–Chairman, Constitution Party of West Virginia

Kent Snyder–Executive Director, The Liberty Committee

Hon. Steve Stockman–Director of Campus Leadership Program, Leadership Institute

Michael A. Valerio–Cummaquid, Massachusetts

Jim Wade–Constitution Party of Texas

James H. Ware, Jr.–Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Reldon C. White–Constitution Party of Utah

J.C. Willke, M.D.–Author and Lecturer; President, Life Issues Institute

M.K. Yochum–Vice Chairman, Independent American Party of Nevada

Additional members:
Ruth Burke–Richmond, Virginia

Randy W. Hamby–Chairman, Constitution Party of Wisconsin

Justin Honaker–Constitution Party of Florida

William H. Monteith–Stow, Ohio

Edward C. Noonan–2006 California Gubernatorial Candidate, American Independent Party

Elizabeth Ridenour–President, National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools

Eunice Smith–President, Eagle Forum of Alabama
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