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Christian Science Monitor On Secretary Clinton: “The Longtime Children’s Advocate Helped Launch The Too Small To Fail Initiative To Promote Ways That Parents, Businesses, And Communities Can Give Children A Better Start In The Critical Years Between Birth And Age 5.” “The people who will benefit most from Hillary Rodham Clinton’s new life beyond the Beltway are too young to follow her on Twitter. On Friday, the longtime children’s advocate helped launch the Too Small to Fail initiative to promote ways that parents, businesses, and communities can give children a better start in the critical years between birth and age 5. The campaign will help publicize research on the relationship between babies’ and toddlers’ experiences and brain development. It will provide guidance to parents on simple steps to enhance children’s health and early learning opportunities. And it aims to secure commitments from private businesses, both through financial investments and through structures that help working parents spend quality time with their children.” [Christian Science Monitor, 6/14/13]

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