Clinton foundation foreign donors

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Bill Clinton: “We Currently Have 2,100 Staff And Volunteers In A Total Of 36 Countries.” “In 2011, after ten years of rapid growth, we decided we needed to review our organization and management practices. As many companies and organizations have done, we engaged an outside firm – Simpson Thacher – to help us review both our governance approach and internal operating practices. Essentially, the review said we needed stronger management staff full-time in New York, where most of our U.S.-based staff are located, and a larger, more independent board. We currently have 2,100 staff and volunteers in a total of 36 countries.” [Bill Clinton Letter, Clinton Foundation, 8/16/13]
Clinton Foundation Has Kept “Overhead Costs… At About A Low 8 Percent For Most Of The Last Decade, Rising Only To Above 11 Percent In 2012 As We Invested To Support Our Growth.” “The review told us that my passion to keep overhead costs down – at about a low 8 percent for most of the last decade, rising only to above 11 percent in 2012 as we invested to support our growth – had gone on too long and that the Foundation needed better coordination without dampening the entrepreneurial spirit that infuses all our initiatives.” [Bill Clinton Letter, Clinton Foundation, 8/16/13]
Clinton Foundation: Clinton Health Access Initiative “Employs 965 People Around The Globe.” [Clinton Foundation, IRS Form 990, 11/19/14]

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