Clinton foundation foreign donors

July 2014: Nonprofit Quarterly

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July 2014: Nonprofit Quarterly: Journalists Had “Been Unable To Get Hillary Clinton To Provide Documentation Attesting To The Donation Of Her Speaking Fees To The Foundation.” “ABC reports, however, that it has been unable to get Hillary Clinton to provide documentation attesting to the donation of her speaking fees to the foundation. A review of the Clinton Foundation’s Form 990s for several of the past years reveals no disclosure of the names of major donors and therefore no information as to whether Hillary Clinton (or Bill Clinton, for that matter) has been donating speaking fees to their philanthropy. However, Hillary Clinton’s commitment to donate the speaking fees may be a decision of somewhat recent vintage, to be revealed in future 990s.” [Nonprofit Quarterly, 7/11/14]
America Rising Called For Release Of “A Full List Of Foundation Staff Or Paid Consultants Who Have Previously Worked As Staff Or Paid Consultants To…Staffs Or Organizations Run By The Clintons Or The Democratic Party.” “A full list of foundation staff or paid consultants who have previously worked as staff or paid consultants to the following staffs or organizations run by the Clintons or the Democratic party: The State Department…The White House…The Obama For America 2012 Campaign…The Democratic National Committee…Hillary Clinton’s Senate Office…Political staff at the White House and executive agencies.” [America Rising, accessed 2/27/15]
America Rising Called For Release Of “All Travel Expenditures Taken By Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Or Chelsea Clinton That Were Billed To The Clinton Foundation.” “All travel expenditures taken by Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, or Chelsea Clinton that were billed to the Clinton Foundation, including private air travel, lodging, ground travel, security, food and entertainment and other related expenses during 2013-14.” [America Rising, accessed 2/27/15]

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