Click 4 How many troops did the Confederates have? Union? Who led the Union Army? Click 6

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The Extraordinary Story of the Battle of Gettysburg

  1. Who was in command of the Army of Northern Virginia in 1863?

  2. Why did this Confederate general want to invade and have a victory in the north?

  3. Where specifically is Gettysburg located in Pennsylvania?

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  1. How many troops did the Confederates have? Union?

  2. Who led the Union Army?

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  1. How long was the Confederate line?

  2. Describe the defensive position of the North.

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  1. July 2, 1863
    The second day of battle was initiated by a series of _____________and _________Confederate attacks on the Union __________ position south of the town. While simultaneous attacks were supposed to have occurred on Culp's Hill and Cemetery Ridge, the attacks took place____ hours apart and were ___________. Though Union forces held onto Culp's Hill, the __________forces did drive back the Union troops in areas referred to as the Peach Orchard, Wheatfield, Valley of Death and Devils Den with a staggering amount of __________. The Confederate advance of the right flank had initially succeeded but was stopped by heroic efforts of Union forces in an area known as ____________

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  1. Why did General Lee believe his army was invincible?

  2. Northern General Meade held a council of war and what decision did he make regarding the Union’s position for battle the next day?

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  1. Which army did General George Armstrong Custer serve?

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  1. How did Jennie Wade help the Union soldiers?

  2. What was significant about Jennie Wade?

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  1. Why did the Union soldiers watch their combatants in awe during Pickett’s Charge?

  2. How many Confederate soldiers died?

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  1. Why was Pickett unable to reform his division and what did he say to General Lee?

  2. How did this battle end?

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  1. What occurred on July 4, 1776?

  2. What occurred on July 4, 1863?

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  1. Describe the condition of Gettysburg after the 3 day battle.

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  1. When and how was the valor of both sides immortalized in history?

The Origins of the Gettysburg Address Questions - Answer in complete sentences when indicated by a (CS)

  1. List two things that were special or significant about the Battle of Gettysburg.

2. How can you tell that the people in charge of the cemetery dedication didn’t think

President Lincoln would be an important part of the ceremony? (CS)

  1. Why did the United States Cemetery Board of Commissions want to create a national cemetery at Gettysburg?

  1. Give an example of newspaper review that was critical of Lincoln’s speech and why? (CS)

  1. Give some examples of what those who praised this speech in 1863 thought of it.

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