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Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

A global language, Spanish is spoken by over 37 million or 16.3 % of the U.S. population. Worldwide, there are 452 million people who speak Spanish.

Studies in Spanish at Cleveland State University include language study for non-natives and for heritage speakers. In addition, Spanish majors have in-depth knowledge about Hispanic cultures. Our graduates have a broad overview of Spanish and Latin American history as well as an appreciation of customs and world views.

The advanced Spanish curriculum gives students in-depth knowledge of Hispanic art, literature and linguistics. As a result, a Spanish major has cultural as well as linguistic proficiency.

Cleveland State graduates who want to work in fields that require language specialization find work as translators or interpreters, in social service agencies, or in governmental agencies specializing in foreign relations.

Knowing that Spanish accounts for over 50 percent of foreign language learning in the U.S., many of our students become teachers at the secondary or university level.

Parallel LCCC Programs

Associate of Arts

Admission Requirements

Students can apply to Cleveland State online or by downloading the undergraduate admission application. Partnership students ALSO need to complete the Partnership Application Supplement Form. All forms can be found on our website:
In addition to the admission application and supplement form, students must also submit a copy of official transcripts for all colleges and universities attended. Application materials may be submitted to the CSU Partnership Office in UC 113 or mailed to:

Cleveland State University

Admission Processing Center, MC 116

2121 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, OH 44115

Academic Advising

Partnership Advising is available in the CSU Partnership office, UC 113. Please call 440-366-4850 to schedule an appointment or email


Cleveland State University offers Multi-term Registration. Degree seeking students are able to register for an entire academic year at one time. CampusNet is our online registration system. Students need their CSU ID and CampusNet password to log in.

Tuition and Fee Schedule

Information on tuition and fees can be found online at:
Partnership Contact Information

Phone: 440-366-4850



Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Degree Requirements

Partnership students can complete 26 credits of Spanish coursework at Lorain County Community College, 18 credits of which can apply toward the 37 total credit hours required for a B.A. in Spanish at Cleveland State University. Language courses at the 100-level are not counted toward the major.

Courses that can be taken at LCCC:

Course # Course Title Semester Hrs.

SPNH 151 Elementary Spanish I 4

SPNH 152 Elementary Spanish II 4
SPNH 251 Intermediate Spanish I 3

SPNH 252 Intermediate Spanish II 3

SPNH 257* Spanish Composition 3

SPNH 258** Spanish Conversation 3

SPNH 271*** Culture and Civilization of Spain 3

SPNH 272**** Culture and Civilization of Latin America 3

Total that can be applied to Spanish B.A. 18

*equivalent of SPN 302 at CSU

**equivalent of SPN 301 at CSU

***equivalent of SPN 345 at CSU

****equivalent of SPN 346 at CSU

Cleveland State University courses needed to complete the B.A. in Spanish

A total of 37 credits is required for the Spanish major.
Course # Course Title

SPN 315 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics

SPN 373 Intro to Reading Literature in Spanish
SPN 494 or 495 Spanish Capstone (combined w/1 400-level course)/ Spanish Field Study Capstone (study abroad)

SPN 496 Tutoring, service learning, project (1 credit)

8 credits of SPN electives, 5 of which must be at the 400-level
No grade below “C” will count toward the Spanish major. Majors are encouraged to participate in study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country. The Department of Modern Languages at Cleveland State administers summer programs in Mexico, Costa Rica and Spain. Credit earned on these programs is considered part of the Cleveland State University Spanish sequence.
CSU and the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences require 120 semester hours for graduation, 42 of which must be in upper division (300-400) level courses. In order to fulfill CSU’s residency requirements for the B.A., University Partnership students must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours in CSU course offerings.


CSU 009

Information contained in this program sheet is valid only for the 2014-15 academic year.

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