Classroom debate rubric

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Levels of Performance






1. Organization and Clarity:

viewpoints and responses are outlined both clearly and orderly.

Unclear in most parts

Clear in some parts but not over all

Most clear and orderly in all parts

Completely clear and orderly presentation

2. Use of Arguments:

reasons are given to support viewpoint.

Few or no relevant reasons given

Some relevant reasons given

Most reasons given: most relevant

Most relevant reasons given in support

3. Use of Examples and Facts:

examples and facts are given to support reasons.

Few or no relevant supporting examples/facts

Some relevant examples/facts given

Many examples/facts given: most relevant

Many relevant supporting examples and facts given

4. Use of Rebuttal:

arguments made by the other teams are responded to and dealt with effectively.

No effective counter-arguments made

Few effective counter-arguments made

Some effective counter-arguments made

Many effective counter-arguments made

5. Presentation Style:

tone of voice, use of gestures, and level of enthusiasm are convincing to audience.

Few style features were used; not convincingly

Few style features were used convincingly

All style features were used, most convincingly

All style features were used convincingly

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