Classification: Transfer Effective Term: 201310 his 141 History of the United States I initiator: J. Wilson Credit Hours: 00 Campus

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Classification: Transfer Effective Term: 201310
HIS 141 History of the United States I
Initiator: J. Wilson Credit Hours: 3.00

Campus: Downtown Lecture Periods: 3.00

Date: 11/04/2011 Lab Periods:
Description: Survey of the major developments in American history from the Columbian voyages to the Era of Reconstruction. Includes Colonial America, the Formative Years - 1776-1815, the Early National Period - 1815-1850, and the coming of the Civil War and its aftermath. Also includes the social, intellectual, and political aspects of early American life.
Student Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  1. Discuss the evolution of American society and institutions from Pre-Columbian to Colonial times.

  2. Discuss the shaping and establishing of American political institutions.

  3. Evaluate the rise of American federal power and “Manifest Destiny”.

  4. Analyze the North/South dichotomy and the Civil War.


  1. Colonial America

    1. The geography of North America

    2. The Spanish Century, 1492-1607

    3. France in America, 1608-1763

    4. The English arrive

      1. Puritan Times – the work ethic and education

      2. The South – slavery and racism begin

    5. The coming of the revolution

      1. The conflict with the Mother Country

      2. The Revolutionary War

  2. The Formative Years, 1776-1815

    1. Setting up a new government

      1. The confederated government and its problems

      2. The constitution

        1. Writing the document

        2. Main features

        3. Ratification and elections

    2. The Federalist Era – the Washington administration

      1. Setting up the new government

      2. The two party system

    3. The Adams presidency

    4. The Virginia dynasty

      1. The Jefferson administration

        1. Political developments

        2. The Louisiana Purchase

      2. Madison and Monroe

        1. The War of 1812 and its importance

        2. The era of good feeling

  3. The Early National Period, 1815-1850

    1. The Age of Jackson

      1. Jacksonian democracy

      2. Indian removal

    2. Texas

    3. California

    4. The war with Mexico

  4. The Coming of the Civil War and its Aftermath

    1. Slavery in the South

      1. The Cotton Kingdom

      2. The life of the slave

    2. The anti-slavery movement

    3. The 1850’s

    4. The Civil War

    5. Restoring a nation – Reconstruction

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