Classical Persia and Greece (Unit 2) Tentative Test Date

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Classical Persia and Greece (Unit 2.2) 

Tentative Test Date: Tuesday, December 12.20
Instructions:  For each reading assignment, there are questions that help to provide a framework for discussion and help you to prepare for quizzes, tests and essays. They can also help guide you in the reading the textbook. You must answer the questions by the due date. Your answers should thoroughly answer the question (3-5 sentences minimum) and be in complete sentencesAll assignments will be collected at the beginning of class on the listed due date.

Definitions (of the vocabulary) are not required but you will find them useful in studying for quizzes and tests. You do not merely want to understand the definition of these words but also their significance.

2.4 Essential Questions (homework) and Vocabulary: pp. 62-64 due 12.2

  1. What made Cyrus worthy of "the Great" added to his name?

  2. How was the Persian Empire structured?

  3. What caused the fall of the Persians?


  1. Cyrus

  2. Darius

  3. The Royal Road

  4. Zoroastrianism

  1. 4.1 Essential Questions (homework) and Vocabulary: due 12.5

  1. How does geography influence the development of Greece civilization?

  2. Why was the Dark Age of Greece considered "dark"?

  1. Vocabulary

  1. Minoans

  2. Mycenaean

  3. Homer

  1. 4.2 Essential Questions (homework) and Vocabulary: due 12.6

  1. How were Greek city-states structured?

  2. How do Sparta and Athens compare?

  1. Vocabulary

  1. Aristotle

  2. Athens

  3. Hoplites

  4. Ephors

  5. oligarchy

  6. Sparta

  7. Polis

  8. acropolis

  1. 4.3 Essential Questions (homework) and vocabulary: due 12.7

  1. What is meant by the Age of Pericles?

  2. What was life in Athens like?

  1. Vocabulary

  1. Xerxes

  2. direct democracy

  3. Great Peloponnesian War

  4. Pericles

  1. 4.4 Essential Questions (homework) and vocabulary: due 12.8

  1. What was the purpose of the types of Greek drama?

  2. Compare the Greek philosophers.

  1. Vocabulary

  1. Tragedies

  2. Sophocles

  3. Philosophy

  4. Plato

  5. Aristotle

  6. Socrates

  1. 4.5 Essential Questions (homework) and vocabulary: due 12.9

  1. What was Alexander the Great's legacy?

  2. What were the milestones of Hellenistic culture?

  1. Vocabulary

  1. Philip II

  2. Alexander the Great

  3. Hellenistic

  4. Stoicism

  1. Mini-Project - Greek philosophy comparison: due Friday, December 12.16

  2. Compare & contrast two separate Greek philosophers or philosophies from the provided list. (Additional information to come.)

  1. Create a Venn Diagram of the philosophers/philosophies which contains a detailed, balanced comparison of their:

    1. Origins

    2. Beliefs

    3. Connections

    4. long-term impact in western philosophy.

  1. Write a short essay (250 words) summarizing your findings.

  1. An MLA Advanced Bibliography will be required.

  1. Additional Resources:

  2. ABC-Clio Ancient History Database:

  3. Eras  Ancient Greece, 2000-30 B.C.

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