Clas 3305 Flood Lecture Lec 15 One of the themes which underlies the lectures and discussions for this second term is that of man's relationship to the gods

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Ancient Near Eastern Flood Myths

Egyptian: The Flood of Blood

the Egyptian flood is one of blood rather than water

The goddess Hathor sent by Ra to investigate the evil which men did

She began killing evildoers -- their blood flowed over the land

She became more and more bloodthirsty -- drinking the blood

Ra is upset at all the destruction

sends for Thoth, the wise one, for advice

Sektet is sent to mix beer with the blood and attract Hathor

She drinks the bloody beer and passes out, sparing the last few humans

The remainder repopulate the Earth

Ra retires, setting Thoth to watch over the humans

The humans prosper after Thoth teaches them about writing, poetry and governance

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