Clas 3305 Flood Lecture Lec 15 One of the themes which underlies the lectures and discussions for this second term is that of man's relationship to the gods

Deucalion is the son of Prometheus

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Deucalion is the son of Prometheus

After lamenting their fate, they seek an oracle to find out what to do

Tell how we may restore, by second birth,

Mankind, a people-desolated earth.

They follow the instructions:
The stones (a miracle to mortal view,

But long tradition makes it pass for true)

Did first the rigour of their kind expell,

and suppled into softness as they fell;

They swelled, and swelling, by degrees grew warm;

And took the rudiments of human form;

Imperfect shapes: in marble such are seen,

When the rude chisel does the man begin;

While yet the roughness of the stone remains,

Without the rising muscles, and the veins.
the stones thrown by Deucalion became men

the stones thrown by Pyrrha became women

The animals were formed independently in the ground:
The rest of animals, from teeming earth

Produced in various forms received their birth.

the native moisture, in its close retreat,

Digested by the sun's ethereal heat,

As in a kindly womb, began to breed:


From hence the surface of the ground with mud

And slime besmeared (the faeces of the flood),

Received the rays of Heav'n; and sucking in

the seeds of heat, new creatures did begin:

some were of several sorts produced before;

But of new monsters, earth created more.
Ovid (translated by John Dryden)

Classics of Roman Literature
based on Greek myth of Zeus flooding the earth

variation of this myth also known from Pindar in the 5th C. BCE

Greek version most likely influenced by earlier myths of the Hebrews and Babylonians

Perhaps via the Hittites (Greek colonies on the Aegean coast of present-day Turkey were once ruled by the Hittites)


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