Civil War Trading Card Project- 5th 6 Weeks Pre-ap

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Civil War Trading Card Project- 5th 6 Weeks


For this assignment you will be making a set of Civil War trading cards. You will be assigned eight (8) topics total- 4 people and 2 events/battles (one topic on each card). You will need to find the following information about your Civil War topics and describe each of the following aspects in detail. The front should have a picture (or map), the name of the person, battle, or event, and if this is a Union or Confederate person (or in the case of battle or event-which side won?) The back will include the information for why, where, when, how, and the connection you make to the present.


  1. 4 people:

Abraham Lincoln Jefferson Davis

Ulysses S. Grant Robert E. Lee

Phillip Sheridan Stonewall Jackson

William T. Sherman Pierre Beauregard

George McClellan James Longstreet

George Pickett Harriet Tubman

George Custer John Brown

  1. 2 events/battles:

Battle of Fort Sumter Battle of First Bull Run (Manassas)

Battle of Antietam Battle of Shiloh

Battle of Vicksburg Battle of Gettysburg

Appomattox Courthouse Battle of the Monitor and the Merrimac

7 days Battle Battle of Fredericksburg

Battle of Chancellorsville Battle of Wilderness (Spotsylvania)

Who or What (10 points)

  • Who is the person? Or what is the event?

  • Union or Confederacy? (For battles or events-who won?)

Picture(s) (10 points)

  • At least one picture of the person or event. Maps can be used for battles.


Why (20 points)

  • Why was this person, event, or battle important to the Civil War?

  • Is there anything unusual about your person, event, or battle? Anything you found very interesting?

Where (10 points)

  • Where did the event take place?

  • For a person where did they come from and where do they make an impact in the war?

When (10 points)

  • When did the event happen? Beginning and end?

  • For a person when were they born? When did they die? When did they make the most impact in the war?

How (20 points)

  • How did this person, event, or battle impact the civil war?

  • How would the Civil War have been different if the person had not been present?

  • Or how would the Civil War have been different if the event or battle would not have happened?

Connection (10 points)

  • Think of a connection between this person, event, or battle and a modern day person, event, or battle. How do you think they are connected?

Creativity & Neatness (10 points)


Number Points Possible

Points Earned

Who? What?

10 Points


10 Points


20 Points


10 Points


10 Points


20 Points


10 Points

Creativity and Neatness

10 Points

Total Points Possible


Points Earned:

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