Civil war quiz questions- chapter 11, Section 1 and 2

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Chapter 11, Section 1 and 2

  1. What advantages did the Union have over the Confederacy when the war started? What advantages did the Confederacy have over the Union?

  1. What did the Emancipation Proclamation do, and how did the people respond to it?

Chapter 11, Sections 3 and 4

  1. What were some of the hardships faced by all soldiers during the Civil War? In addition to these, what hardships did African-American soldiers face?

  1. Explain how and why “total war” was used against the Confederacy in the Civil War. Do you think that the Union’s reasons for adopting the strategy were reasonable? Explain your opinion

Directory: scschoolfiles -> 237
scschoolfiles -> Directions: Based on what we have read so far, answer the following questions. Make sure to use textual evidence to support your response
scschoolfiles -> The Iliad vs. Troy: Essay [50 points] – Due Tuesday, December 1
scschoolfiles -> Slavery and Imperialism in Heart of Darkness: by Reinhard and Fabrizio Historical information
scschoolfiles -> Prompt Louisa May Alcott Intended Effect/Re-create Experience Analysis Essay
237 -> Parameter – a number that describes some characteristic of the population. The value of a parameter is usually not known because we cannot examine the entire population. Statistic
scschoolfiles -> Due on Friday
scschoolfiles -> Mary Rowlandson Activity captivity narratives are a precursor to fiction in America. Rowlandson portrayed Native Americans as “savages” in need of salvation. From her Puritan perspective

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