Civil War Project

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Civil War Project

1. You must choose a topic for a project from the list below. You will work individually on this project. This is an oral presentation that must be 5-7 minutes.

2. Project presentations will take place on the week of September 18, 2015
3. This is an oral presentation. This is worth a test grade.
4. Pre-presentation work requirements:

  • Notes on graphic organizer/bibliography due: September 11, 2015.

  • Notes cards used during your presentation[due after presentation]

5. Media Center research days can be arranged.

6. You must have at LEAST 4 sources. At least 1 must be a book. The book can be the Social Studies book.
Project Ideas
1. Write out the arguments for and against secession and present it to the class. You must present both sides of the argument.
2. Do analysis of the Civil War presenting the advantages and disadvantages of both sides as well as why the war lasted so long and ended the northern victory. The information could be displayed in a graph and chart format on poster board.
3. Create a map of the Civil War showing 10 famous battle sites, states involved, marches by various armies, etc. on poster board.
4. Create a poster depicting some aspect of life during the Civil War.
5. Write a diary pretending you are a soldier in either the North or the South, and tell of your daily activities, adventures, and tragedies. You should include at least 10 different aspects of Civil War life.
6. Write a report on events which might have appeared in a newspaper, describing one of the following events:

Lincoln-Douglas debates John Brown’s Raid

Dred Scott Case Assassination of Lincoln

Surrender at Appomattox Emancipation Proclamation

Gettysburg Address Bleeding Kansas

Impeachment of Andrew Johnson

7. Prepare a program about the music of the Civil War period and play an instrument.
8. Draw or find pictures of the uniforms of Civil War soldiers. Display them on poster board. You must teach about the variety of uniforms from both sides.
9. Construct a specific battlefield and describe how this battle was fought, the generals, the importance of geography, the victors, and the special importance of this battle.

Richmond Shiloh

Bull Run(First Manassas) Gettysburg

Chancellorsville Chattanoga

Vicksburg Sherman’s March-to-the-Sea

Wilderness Petersburg

Fredricksburg Fort Sumter

Antietam Chickamauga

10. Build a model of a southern plantation. Teach about the role of all people living on the plantation.
11. Explain the 13th-14th-15th Amendments and their impact on Americans in the 1860s and on the people of today.
12. Construct a model of or a travel poster of one of the following cities during the Civil War:

Atlanta Richmond Washington, D.C.

Appomattox Savannah New Orleans

Charleston Gettysburg Vicksburg

13. Do a radio broadcast or ‘breaking news program’ of a battle that took place during the Civil War times.
14. Research military guns and equipment. Draw or collect pictures and write a brief description of each. Teach about the variety of the many new inventions of weaponry during the Civil War.
15. Research two political cartoons showing various situations and events of the time. Teach about political cartoons.
16. Write out the arguments for and against slavery and present it to the class, presenting both sides of the issue.
17. Research the time period of Reconstruction and report to the class on its major events and their impact on history.
18. Important people to use for your presentation. Tell about their role in the Civil War:

Abe Lincoln Robert E. Lee John Brown

Henry Clay John Wilkes Booth Harriet B. Stowe

Clara Barton Stonewall Jackson Gen. George McClellan Ulysses S. Grant Gen. William Sherman Jefferson Davis

Confederate States of America Gen. George Pickett

Gen. James Longstreet Nat Turner

19. Topics to use for your presentation. Teach about this topic:

Flags of Union and Confederate Ironclads

Camp Life Fife, Drum and Bugle Corp

Medicine and Hospitals Women’s role

Underground Railroad Kansas-Nebraska Act

Black Codes 54th Massachusetts

Civil War Prisons recruitment and draft

Nursing Care Cavalry and Infantry

Artillery Corp

Your presentation must include:


Why you chose your topic

Where you got the information: you must have at least two sources:

One must be a book and one must be a computer site

Explain your model-map-or poster—if you have one.


Give the oral presentation about your topic-teaching about your topic


Give a summary of our presentation.


Due with Graphic Organizer Research on: __________
You follow the bibliography format. Use Citation Maker (on the Reuther web site) or complete it on notebook paper.
Click on:

Reuther homepage

Student Research sites

Citation Maker

A worksheet is attached to fill in as you complete your research.

This is only a worksheet. The bibliography should be completed using the information on the worksheet.

Your bibliography must:

  • have a title

  • be doubled spaced

  • have the second line indented

  • be alphabetized based on the first letter of the source

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