Civil War PowerPoint Project

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Civil War PowerPoint Project

Grade Level: 8 – Various Civil War Topics

Lesson Overview:

Students will select a person, event, or other topic of their choosing to research and teach the class about through a PowerPoint presentation.

Standards Addressed:
History/Social Science:

8.10.4 Discuss Abraham Lincoln’s presidency and his significant writings and speeches and their relationship to the Declaration of Independence, such as his “House Divided” speech (1858),

8.10.5 Gettysburg Address (1863), Emancipation Proclamation (1863), and inaugural addresses (1861 and 1865).

8.10.6 Study the views and lives of leaders (e.g., Ulysses S. Grant, Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee) and soldiers on both sides of the war, including those of black soldiers and regiments.

8.10.7 Describe critical developments and events in the war, including the major battles, geographical advantages and obstacles, technological advances, and General Lee’s surrender at Appomattox.

8.10.8 Explain how the war affected combatants, civilians, the physical environment, and future warfare.

Language Arts:

Reading Comprehension

2.2 Generate relevant questions about readings on issues that can be researched

2.3 Synthesize the content from several sources or works . . . paraphrase the ideas and connect them to other sources and related topics to demonstrate comprehension.

Writing Strategies

2.3a Marshal evidence in support of a theses and related claims, including information on all relevant perspectives.

English Language Learner (ELL) Strategies:
Use of Supplementary materials:

Hands-on manipulatives, realia, pictures, visuals, multimedia, demonstration, etc.

Adaptation of Content:

text, jigsaw text reading, marginal notes, etc. Graphic organizers, outlines, leveled study guides, highlighted text, adapted

Engaging Scenario:

The Civil War was so much more than a string of battles. It affected nearly every aspect of American life from medicine to transportation. You will get to choose a particular aspect of the war, person, technological advance, or event to research and then teach the class about through your creation of a PowerPoint Presentation.

Task Summary:

  1. In pairs, or individually, students will choose a particular topic relating to the Civil War from a list provided by the teacher.

  1. Students will spend approximately two days in the library and one week in the computer lab researching their topics and putting together their PowerPoint Presentations.

  1. Students will chose a time and date to present their presentations to class.

  1. The student audience as well as the teacher will grade each presentation on how much they learned about the selected topic from their peers. (The points given by the students should be averaged and then entered on the Teacher’s Grading Rubric.)

Resources/Materials Needed:

    1. Topic List

  1. School Library

  2. Computer and Internet Access

  3. LCD Projector

Civil War PowerPoint Presentation Project
Individually, or in partners, you will create a 10 minute PowerPoint presentation introducing your chosen topic from the Civil War (1861-1865). You will present it to the class as an expert on your topic.
Your classmates will be taking notes on your presentation and test questions will come from it as well. Therefore, you will need to present a lot of information. YOU WILL BE TEACHING THE CLASS ABOUT YOUR TOPIC!
What should my PowerPoint Presentation include?

  • Each slide must contain at least 1 picture as well as written information in outline form.

  • Title Slide (10 pts.)

  • At least 10 information slides (10 pts. each)

  • Works Cited Slide (10 pts.)

    • Books used

    • Internet sites you took information from

    • Internet sites you found pictures on

      • For the pictures, list the topic of the picture and the web address of the site you found it on.

  • Question Slide (10 pts.)

    • Create 5 questions about your topic that you feel students need to remember. Test questions will be derived from these questions.

  • Additional points will come from the Creativity & Effort your presentation demonstrates (10 pts.) as well as how much your classmates feel they learned from your PowerPoint (10 pts.).

Additional Notes

  • Please use 24 pt. font for your information slides.

  • No Sound Effects unless your topic is Civil War Songs or you get special permission from me.

  • Include animated text & pictures in your presentations.

My presentation will be given and my electronic copy on floppy disk or CD will be turned in on ____________________.

Civil War PowerPoint Presentations

Possible Topics

Fort Sumter

battle starting the war

Abraham Lincoln

U.S. President

Jefferson Davis

President of the Confederacy

First Battle of Bull Run

1st Major Battle

Second Battle of Bull Run

Seven Days Battle

Battle of Antietam

Bloodiest Single Day Battle

Ironclads- the Monitor & the Merrimac

two new types of war vessels & their duel

Battle of Gettysburg

turning point of the war

Robert E. Lee

Head Confederate general

Ulysses S. Grant

Head Union general at end of war

William Tecumseh Sherman

Union general who creates path of destruction

Jeb Stuart

Confederate general

George B. McClellan

Head Union General who got fooled & fired

"Stonewall" Jackson

Confederate General


officers & enlisted men


cannons, rifles, mortars, bayonetts, pistols, etc.

Civil War Medicine & Surgery

types of operations, disease, infection, tools

Union Blockade

cutting off supplies to the South

New York Draft Riots

violent outbreaks over the Union Draft

Richmond Bread Riots

riot over lack of food

Siege of Vicksburg

Grant starving out the city

Emancipation Proclamation

freed the slaves in some states, allowed free A. Americans to fight


runaway slaves in the Union army

54th Massachusetts Infantry

most famous all Black regiment


what the soldiers ate

Andersonville Prison

terrible prison camp

Salisbury Prison

terrible prison camp

Sherman's March to the Sea

60 mile wide path of destruction

Appomattox Courthouse

Lee's surrender to Grant

Gettysburg Address

Lincoln's dedication when it becomes a cemetary

Pickett's Charge

suicide charge at the battle of Gettysburg

Irish Brigades

all Irish Union Brigades

Civil War Songs

music of the era

John Wilks Booth

Lincoln's assassin

Civil War Technological developments

new inventions developed in this period

Battle of Fredericksburg

Civil War PowerPoint Presentation

- Teacher’s Grading Rubric

Student Presenter(s): ______________________________________________________

Topic: __________________________________________________________________
1. Title Slide (info. & picture) ______ /10
2. Ten Info. Slides (info. & pictures) ______ /10
3. Works Cited Slide ______ /10
4. Question Slide (5 questions & picture) ______ /10
5. Creativity & Effort ______ /10
6. Class Score ______ /10

Total ______ /150

Civil War PowerPoint Presentation

  • Student Grading Rubric

Student Presenter(s): ______________________________________________________

Topic: __________________________________________________________________
Based on how much I learned about this specific topic from the Civil War, I give this presentation:
______ /10

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