Civil War Battle Project Learning Goal

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Name: __________________________________ Block: ________ Date: ____________ Number: ________
Civil War Battle Project
Learning Goal: SWBAT -- Describe the critical events and developments in the Civil War, including the major battles and their effects on the war and the people of both the Union and the Confederacy.

Your Task: You will be choosing an important battle from the Civil War and creating a poster that describes your battle’s significance. You may work alone or with ONE partner. You must sign up for a particular battle; only 2 groups may do each battle.

Creating the Poster/Rubric: Your Battle Name: _________________________________

Battles to Choose from:


1st & 2nd Bull Run Chancellorsville









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Mechanics of the Poster – ___________ / 20 points

    • Title of Battle with date(s)

    • Correct spelling

    • Visually appealing using color, appropriate size writing for people to be able 
to read, blocked information, pictures/maps

    • Everything is colored (nothing is left in pencil)

  1. Map of the Battle – __________ / 10 points

    • May be hand-drawn or printed from the computer (if printed, please cite the source)

  1. Important Person – __________ / 20 points

    • Name of person

    • Picture of person

      • May be hand-drawn or printed from computer (if printed, cite source)

    • Description of this person’s importance during your battle (5-7 sentences)

  1. Battle Write-up – ___________ / 35 points

    • Write a brief account of the battle (2 paragraphs of 5-7 sentences each)

    • Describe who was involved.

    • Why and where it took place? 

      • Location

      • Landscape of battle

    • What was the result?

      • Casualties? 

      • Winners? 

      • Losers? 

      • Did anyone important make a name for themselves in this battle or die?

  1. Monument – ___________ / 10 points

    • Monument: something erected in memory of a person or event, such as a building, pillar, or statue

    • Design a monument for your battlefield

      • Draw a picture of the monument you have created, no printing from computer.

    • Write a paragraph (5-7 sentences) explaining the monument’s design

      • Why does it look the way it does?

      • What does your monument symbolize?

  1. Works Cited – ___________ / 5 points

    • A Works Cited Page needs to be attached to the back of your poster

      • Book: Last Name, First Name of Author. Book Title. City Published: Publisher, Year Published.

      • Website: Last Name, First Name of Author (if there is one). "Title of Page." Name of Entire Website. Year last updated. Organization who posted it. Date you looked at it. Entire Web address.

    • I am looking for your own fresh insight into your chosen battle. I am not looking for regurgitated, encyclopedia- heavy information.

    • Make sure any internet sites are sites with a .org, .edu, .gov ending or a website linked to my website:

      • No,,,

      • Sites in question must be approved by me

    • Any plagiarism results in a zero on the entire project!

Total Points for the Poster: 100 points Your Score: ___________ / 100 points

Download 12.86 Kb.

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