Civil Rights Timeline Essay

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Civil Rights Timeline Essay

You will be writing an essay based on the events listed on the FindLaw civil rights timeline. The US Constitution was written to protect the rights of our citizens. It had flaws which were discovered over time. Through the dissent of our citizens, Amendments were written to change the scope of the Constitution.

Your Assignment:

  • Pick an Amendment or a case listed on the timeline.

  • If you pick a case in history, describe the case completely. Then, explain the Amendment which subsequently protected the parties of the case.

  • You may choose to write about an historical event not listed in the timeline. Please get my prior approval before researching the event.

A thorough essay will contain 5 solid paragraphs.

It will completely describe the climate of our country at your chosen point in history.

You may pair up with another student to help you with this process. Each of you, however, will hand in your own essay about your own topic.

Useful websites:

The due date of your assignment has yet to be determined.

I will let you know.

Download 3.68 Kb.

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