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Civil Rights Movement Oral Presentation Topics

KJ – Civil Rights Movement (Causes, Effects, Impact)

Kailee – Martin Luther King Jr (Life, Career, “I Have A Dream” Speech, Assassination, Legacy)

Russell – Kenny Washington (Life, Career, Achievements, Impact on NFL)

Icesis – Rosa Parks (Bio, Bus boycott, other achievements, legacy)

Micheal – Earl Lloyd (Life, Career, Impact on NBA)

Mason – NAACP (Founding, Goals, Impact)

Davonta – James Farmer (Life, CORE organization, Impact of His Work)

Desiray – Harriet Tubman (Life, Achievements, Impact)

Ester – Civil Rights Protest (Nonviolent vs. Violent Protest, Examples, Leaders, Which is best?)

Jacey – Timeline of Civil Rights (1860s – Present)

Jacob S. – Plessy v. Ferguson (Background of Case, Outcome of Case, Impact of Case)

Jacob M. – Swann v. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education (Background, Outcome of Case, Impact of Case)

Yadira – Brown v. Board of Education (Background of Case, Outcome of Case, Impact of Case)

Daniel – Little Rock Nine / Little Rock Crisis (Background of incident, Description, Outcome, Impact)

Morgan – Montgomery Bus Boycott (Background, Description, Outcome, Impact)

Taylor – SCLC (Founding, Major work, Impact)

Riley – Sit-In Movement (Definition, Examples of Sit-ins, Outcomes, Impact)

Max – Freedom Rides (Background, Description, Impact)

Zamiah – African American Female Firsts (College student, pro athlete, astronaut, business owner, millionare)

Stanley – James Meredith (Life, University of Mississippi, Impact of His Admission)

Kyndle – Civil Rights Today – Is a Civil Rights Movement Needed Today (; )

Chris – Major Civil Rights Reforms (Brown v Board, Civil Rights Act of 1957, Executive order 11063, Civil Rights Act of 1964, Voting Rights Act of 1965, Civil Rights Act of 1968)

Haley –March on Washington (Events leading to March, Details of March, Impact of March)

Courtney – Medgar Evers (Life, Accomplishments, Assassination)

Nelyn – Selma Campaign & Selma March (Background, Details, Impact)

Jonathan – Civil Rights Amendments (13, 14, 15, 24)

Jeannie – Black Power Movement (Background, Goals, Leaders, Impact)

Kassandra – Changes as a Result of Civil Rights Movement (Busing Changes, Fair Housing Act, School De-segregation, Impact of Civil Rights Movement)

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