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McCollum V. Board of Education, 1948

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McCollum V. Board of Education, 1948 – the court struck down this case because students were leaving instructional time to attend these classes.

Pg 539: review
Student Religious Groups

The Equal Access Act of 1984 – declares that any public high school that receives federal funds must allow students religious groups to meet in the school on the same terms that it sets for other students organizations.

Epperson v. Arkansas 1968 – able to teach evolution in public schools; must teach creationism and evolution together
Aid to Parochial Schools

The Lemon Test

Standard Lemon Test

The [purpose of the aid must be clearly secular; not religious

Its primary effect must neither advance nor inhibit religion

It must avoid an excessive -----------

Lynch v. Donnelly, 1984

County of Allegheny

Stone v. Graham – 10 commandments

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