Civics: The American Revolution Early Defeats

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Civics: The American Revolution

Early Defeats

British capture all major colonial cities- __________________________ (which they used as their headquarters), Philadelphia, Boston, and Charles Town; Washington’s army is in retreat and many soldiers desert

Patriot Victories

December 26, 1776- Battle of _________________________; Washington crossed the Delaware River to attack a group of ____________________________ (hired German soldiers), they kill or capture 1,000 men
January 3, 1777- Battle of __________________________; Washington’s forces defeated the British; these victories kept morale up and inspired men to enlist in the war

Turning Point

September 19 and October 7, 1777- Battles of ______________________________; considered the turning point in the war
The colonists proved themselves in battle and received aid from ___________________

Valley Forge

Winter of 1777-1778- Campsite of ___________________________ army near Philadelphia; 2,500 out of 12,000 soldiers died of cold, and food and supply shortages

Civilian Life

_________________________ and shortages of goods were common during the war;

______________________ took over the work of men, some helped the war effort

Foreign Help

Foreign military leaders offered professional training for the Continental Army:

__________________________________________ was a Prussian officer who trained Patriot soldiers in military drill and discipline and helped lead them to victory
__________________________________________ was a French military officer who served as a general in the American Revolution, he symbolized the French-US alliance

Southern Campaign

British strategy changed to splitting the colonies; ______________________________ was captured by General Cornwallis
October 7, 1780- Battle of __________________________________ was a Patriot victory, won with the help of Appalachian frontiersmen
January 17, 1781- Battle of ________________________, a decisive American victory it marked a turning point in the recapture of South Carolina from the British

War’s End

After loses in the South, Cornwallis’s army retreated to _________________________ where he was surrounded by the French and Continental Army and French fleet; he formally surrenders in October 1781

Treaty of Paris, 1783

September 3, 1783- Recognized US independence, set boundaries to the ______________________________ protected Loyalists living in America, and prisoners of war released; November 24, 1783 the last British troops left New York City

Symbol to the World

Reinforced the principles of liberty, _____________________, equality and opportunity
This victory and its ideals set a precedent for the future of America

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