Civics Study Guide Mini Test on Monday August 31

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Civics Study Guide

Mini Test on Monday (August 31st)

Chapters 1 and 5
Types of Government

1. What is the absence of government?


2. Under what type of government is a God/Gods recognized as the supreme ruler?


3. What type of government means rule by a select few?


4. Explain the difference between a limited monarchy and an absolute monarchy.

Limited (Great Britain) restrictions on power (King or Queen) and Absolute has no restrictions. Both Monarchies are inherited.

5. Under what type of government does the state regulate every aspect of a citizens life?


6. Under what type of government is power shared between national and state government?


7. Under what two types of government do citizens have a say in government and enjoy freedom? (USA)

Republic and Representative Democracy

Chapter 1, Section 1 (p. 6-13)

1. What does the Latin phrase E pluribus Unum mean?

Out of Many, One (Found on Amerian currency)

2. The first Europeans to settle permanently in North America arrived from what country?


3. What area currently accounts for the largest share of immigrants to the United States?

Latin America

4. What is the difference between blue-collar workers and white-collar workers?

Blue- hands on (wage)/ White- office work (salary)

5. In what sector of the economy do most Americans make a living?

Omit- service economy

6. What is the fastest growing region of the country?

Sunbelt- southwestern part of the US

7. What is the fastest growing ethnic group in the United States?

Latinos/Hispanic Americans

8. Explain the difference between the “melting pot” and “salad bowl” immigration theories.

Chapter 1, Section 2 (p. 14-19)

1. What are the two ways the US Constitution establishes to become a citizen?

Birth and Naturalization

2. What is dual citizenship?

Being a citizen of two countries

3. What is the term for people who move permanently to a new country?


4. What is the first step in the naturalization process?

Declaration of Intent being filed

5. What is the only way a native-born US citizen can lose their citizenship?

Denaturalization, Crime, and Expatriation

6. Who did the Immigration Act of 1990 give special consideration to?

Gives people with special skills and talents special considerations for citizenship

7. Is it against the law to hire illegal aliens?


8. What is the job of the US Border Patrol?

Secure and control the border

9. Can aliens vote, run for office, serve on juries, or work most government jobs?


Chapter 1, Section 3 (p. 20-26)

1. What is the MOST IMPORTANT purpose of government?

Provide order

2. What are the four functions of government?

Keep order, provide security and services, guide the community

3. What is the highest level of government in the United States?


4. What is the difference between a direct democracy and a representative democracy?

Direct- all citizen have a direct voice and vote – Representative – the people elect representatives to make laws for them

5. What is the difference between democratic and authoritarian regimes?

Democratic- the people have the power/ Authoritarian- Rule by force

Chapter 5, Section 1 (p. 150-154)

1. What are a citizens five civic duties?

Obey laws, the draft, attend school, pay taxes, and serve on the jury

2. What are a citizens four civic responsibilities?

Vote, tolerant, be informed, and contribute to the common good

3. What is a citizen’s most important duty?

Obey the law

4. What is the difference between a duty and a responsibility?

Duty- required / responsibility- voluntary

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