City Dialogue: Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in the City of the Future

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18.10.2010 | Shanghai
City Dialogue: Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in the City of the Future
Energieeffizienz und Nachhaltigkeit in den Städten der Zukunft.
300 decision makers from politics and business discuss strategies and concepts for the energy-efficient cities of tomorrow.

On 18 and 19 October 2010 as part of EXPO 2010, the DeutscheEnergie-Agentur GmbH (dena) - the German Energy Agency - organised the"City Dialogue" in the German Centre in Shanghai in cooperation with theGerman Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development(BMVBS) and the Chinese state Center for Energy Efficiency in Buildings(CEEB). The "City Dialogue" is the prelude to a joint initiative byGerman and Chinese experts from the realms of politics, business andscience to develop "Green Cities" and offers decision makers a forum fordebating and exchanging experiences about energy efficiency andsustainability in cities and megacities. The two-day conference in theGerman Centre is the central EXPO event arising from the German FederalGovernment's sustainability week. On 20 and 21 October, there were twofurther specialist BMVBS events in the German Centre relating tosustainable building and building physics.

dena intends to bring German expertise, technologies andimplementation models into the discussion on the future development ofAsian megacities and, in so doing, to advance Germany's strategicposition in the international context. We offer German companies activesupport in the development and cultivation of markets through contactswith high-ranking Chinese representatives from the realms of politics,business and science.


Bilder der Veranstaltung
 Lobby mit dena-Stand und Registrierung dena-Stand in der Lobby  Mittagspause auf der Terrasse Networking in der Kaffeepause Registrierung in der Lobby mit BASF-Stand Günther Hoffmann (BMVBS) bei seinem Vortrag Interessierte Teilnehmer in ausgebuchtem Konferenzraum Blick ins Publikum Hochkarätige Besetzung (vlnr.: Stephan Kohler, Prof. Albert Speer, Dr. Dieter Salomon, Felicitas Kraus)To enlarge click on a picture
Referenten Tag 1
 Fan Yife Fan Yifei  Prof. Dr. M. Norbert Fisch Prof. Dr. M. Norbert Fisch Prof. Dr. M. Norbert Fisch Vlnr.: Dr. Dieter Salomon, Ji Weiguo, Prof. Dr. M. Norbert Fisch, Stephan Kohler, Lan Xuefeng, Rong Yang, Prof. Albert Speer Vlnr.: Stephan Kohler, Prof. Albert Speer, Prof. Dr. M. Norbert Fisch, Dr. Dieter Salomon Günther Hoffmann Günther Hoffmann Felicitas Kraus Felicitas Kraus, Wu Wenhua Lan Xuefeng Lan Xuefeng Lan Xuefeng Li Xun Li Xun Prof. Dr. Mao Qizhi Prof. Dr. Mao Qizhi Rong Yang Rong Yang Dr. Dieter Salomon Dr. Dieter Salomon Dr. Dieter Salomon Shen Xiaosu Shen Xiaosu Prof. Albert Speer Prof. Albert Speer Prof. Dr. Mao Qizhi, Prof. Albert Speer Tang Kai Tang KaiTo enlarge click on a picture
Referenten Tag 2
 Prof. Dr. Shi Dinghuan Prof. Dr. Shi Dinghuan  Vlnr.: Giselher Schultz-Berndt, Dr. Herbert Kemming, Felicitas Kraus, Hans-Dieter Hegner, Prof. Dr. Shi Dinghuan, Liu Hui Ping, Shi Jianming Vlnr.: Dietmar Menzer, Günther Hoffmann, Stephan Kohler, Hans-Dieter Hegner Hans-Dieter Hegner Dr. Herbert Kemming Dr. Herbert Kemming Felicitas Kraus Liu Hui Ping Liu Hui Ping Nicole Pillen Schultz-Berndt Giselher Schultz-Berndt Shi Jianming Shi Jianming Wu Jian Wu Jian Wu Wenhua Wu WenhuaTo enlarge click on a picture
1. day, 18 October 2010: City Dialogue10.00 h Opening, Welcoming address and moderation: Stephan Kohler, dena (German Energy Agency)10.15 h Welcoming addressGünther Hoffmann, German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS)10.30 h Welcoming addressMinistry of Housing and Urban Rural Development (MOHURD)10.45 h Welcoming addressCity of Shanghai11.00 h What does sustainability mean for the megacities of tomorrow?Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer, former Executive Director of the United Nations Environment ProgrammeZhouGanzhi, Scientific Council member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,President of Urban Planning Society of China (UPSC), former ViceMinister of MOHURD (formerly the Ministry of Construction), requestedSustainable urban planning and urban developmentModeration: Stephan Kohler, dena11.40 h From the European city to Asian megacities: what contribution can German and European approaches make?Prof. Albert Speer, Albert Speer & Partner GmbH12.05 h Urban development in China: strategies and approachesProf.Dr. Mao Qizhi, Professor of Urban Planning and Design, Dean of theSchool of Architecture of Tsinghua University Beijing / Deputy DirectorInternational Cooperation Committee-Architecture Society of China, requested12.30-14:00 h Break

Energy efficient and sustainable building

14.00 h Energy efficiency in the city - challenges in adapting infrastructureFelicitas Kraus, dena14.30 h Practical implementation in China: Tianjin Eco-CityLan Xuefeng, Mayor of Tianjin Binhai New Area District, requested15.00 h Energy-efficient building in the city: Freiburg as Germany?s “environmental capital"Dr. Dieter Salomon, Mayor of the city of Freiburg im Breisgau15.30 h Energy efficiency of the future: moving from the passive house to the energy-plus houseProf. Dipl.-Ing. M. Sc. Econ. Manfred Hegger, Darmstadt University of Technology, Architecture Department16.00 h Innovative solutions for climate-friendly buildingA German company16.30 h Break18.00 h Evening eventReception and tour in the German Pavilion on the EXPO siteapprox. 22.00 h End

2. day, 19 October 2010: City Dialogue Sustainable urban mobility

10.00 h Opening of the 2nd dayBMVBS10.30 h Development of sustainable traffic management schemes for Chinese conurbationsWu Wenhua, Vice-Director, Institute of Comprehensive Transportation, NDRC, requested11.00 h Sustainable mobility schemes in major European citiesDr. Herbert Kemming, deputy scientific director of ILS Research Institute for Regional and Urban Development11.30 h Metrasys - sustainable mobility for megacitiesProf. Tingjian Fang, Research Centre for Software Engineering Technology Anhui Province (ASEC), requested12.00 h Cutting edge innovation –the automotive sector's contributionA German company12.30-14:00 h Break

Alternative and efficient energy supply

14.00 h The city of tomorrow: the contribution of renewable energy sources to transport and energy supplyProf. Dinghuan Shi, Counsellor to the State Council14.30 h Energy supply challenges facing cities in ChinaZhou Dadi, NDRC15.00 h Intelligent systems and grids: what contribution can they make to an efficient urban energy supply?Annegret-C. Agricola, dena15.30 h Innovative power and heating supply for megacitiesA German company16.00 h Visions of the future becoming reality - HafenCity Hamburg setting the highest standards for sustainable urban developmentGiselher Schultz-Berndt, CEO of HafenCity Hamburg GmbH16.30 h End

3. day, 20 October 2010Approaches and technologies for sustainable building

4. day, 21. October 2010Modern building physics “Made in Germany"

Programm Woche der Nachhaltigkeit

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